Leadership Classes


Leadership is Action


GST 120 - Leadership in Action: This course provides both a cognitive and experiential base to enhance student knowledge and understanding of the styles, theories and competencies underlying leadership, followership, and trusteeship. Students will focus on group behavior and leadership through required active participation in the course, and involvement in campus or community leadership activities. Students will enhance their awareness of civility, group dynamics, and team building.

CPS 395 - Exploring Leadership Issues: This class is aimed at any student who is interested in the study of leadership and ethics. However, those students who are presently officers in student organizations, active in their residence halls, student managers on campus, involved in community organizations and those who are looking to move into those roles on campus will find the material covered in this course of use in their roles. Through this course students will gain a broad understanding of specific historical and contemporary theories of leadership and investigate the current shift away from the dominant leadership paradigm toward an emergent leadership paradigm. As students explore these concepts they will establish, refine and articulate their own approach to the practice of leadership along with the role of ethics in leadership relationships.

GST 302 - Service Learning Group Leaders: While enrolled in this course, students take on the role of group leader at a service site in the community. They oversee logistics and facilitate reflection activities with other student volunteers at the site. Prerequisites include completing GST 302 for 1 credit and/or participating in Adopt-A-Grandparent or Mentor Oswego for one semester. Eighty (80) hours of service, journals, reflection papers, and attendance at discussion sessions are required for this 2 credit course. For more information, contact the Center for Service Learning and Community Service at 312-2505, email service@oswego.edu or visit the Compass, 145 Marano Center.