Future Oswego Leaders Conference

FOLC 2014 will take place on March 7th and 8th!



***Read about the success of the 2013 FOLC here!***


The  Future Oswego Leaders Conference  provides students with an opportunity to network with prominent SUNY Oswego alumni,  SUNY Oswego faculty and staff, and fellow student leaders. The FOLC exposes students to the various accomplishments that have been achieved by individuals with SUNY Oswego degrees, as well as accomplishments of students during the academic year. Through StrengthsQuest sessions, students are exposed to their top strengths and motivated to find a career that suits their strengths.



Purpose: This program is intended to encourage students to uphold leadership positions during college and throughout career endeavors. The Student Leadership Presentations will give Oswego leaders the opportunity to shine. The various topics that can be presented include, but are not limited to, barriers to leadership, defining leadership, on-campus vs. off-campus leaders, leadership in academics, and leadership in student organizations. Our StrengthsQuest presentation and break-out sessions will introduce students to their specific strengths and identify areas of utilizing such strengths in career development, college involvement, academic achievement, and resume building. The alumni portion of our program involves a panel discussion and keynote speaker event. The panel discussion and break-out sessions will give students an opportunity to network with prominent SUNY Oswego alumni in five diverse industries.


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