Out of Class Notices

The Compass will notify faculty members when a student is absent from campus for three or more consecutive class days due to circumstances beyond his/her control if the student is unable to do so him/herself. 

  • The notice does not legitimize the absence. 
  • It merely serves as an intial contact on the student's behalf. 
  • Once the student is able, he/she should establish communication with each instructor to make arrangements for completing work missed. 

Documentation is required to be submitted to the Compass, 145 Marano Center, Fax: 315-312-5443) upon the student's return to campus.  For more information, contact Lesley Wallace by phone at 315-312-2240 or by emailing lesley.wallace@oswego.edu or outofclassnotice@oswego.edu

View the Campus Attendance Policies as set forth in the 2015-2016 Student Handbook.