Who Can Help?

Although there are lots of places to look online, nothing can replace the value of an "expert" with years of experience helping students just like you get to where they want to go.  We only put the friendly people here and they promised not to bite - so call on them!

Who you choose will depend on what you need help with.
Job Search and Graduate School Options   
Internships, Community Service, Civic Engagement

You can also search by staff person.
Mallory Bower - Associate Director of Career Services and Compass Employer Relations Specialist
Gary Morris - Director of Career Services and the Compass
Denise DiRienzo - Director of Experience-Based Education
Alyssa Amyotte - Coordinator of Community Service and Service Learning

Job Search & Graduate School Options:

Mallory Bower:

Our Employer Relations Specialist!  With a corporate background and a totally plugged in lifestyle, no one knows how to harness the power of social media than Mallory.  She can help with document creation, interviewing, job search strategies, networking, and more.  Career fairs, networking events, workshops, class presentations - Mallory is a good person to work with if you want to get the jump on the competition after graduation.

Gary Morris:

With over 20 years experience at 3 different universities helping students compete for job and graduate school opportunities, Gary can help get you where you want to go.  Be prepared, he will be direct and tell you what you need to do, not what you want to hear.  Although an expert in the job search process, he can work with  you on the graduate school process... and if you don't know what you want to do with your life, he is pretty good at that too. 

**If you are unsure of your career field when you leave college, you may want to check out the "Explore" section of our website - and look for Jackie Wallace.  No one is better at helping you figure out what you want to do with your life than her.

Internships, Community Service, Civic Engagement

Alyssa Amyotte:

If there is anyone who practices what she preaches, it is Alyssa.  She is on a different continent about every 42 seconds, taking students from one life-changing experience to another.  She coordinates the colleges initiatives on community service, service learning, volunteering, etc, and if you are looking for that really cool thing to do during college or after, check with Alyssa.  Chances are she has done it, or knows someone who has.

Information on Student Employment:

Finding a job on (or off) campus is key to your bank account! But, be aware that there are other benefits like networking, skill development, resume building, and more. Hundreds of students work on campus each year - be one of them!  Search for the best jobs, find applications, and learn about federal programs on the Student Employment section of the Financial Aid Office - 206 Culkin Hall.

Networking with Alumni:

Connecting with SUNY Oswego Alumni is a GREAT way to gather information about career paths, hone your skills, and network for success! Alumni are willing to assist with many topics, including:

  • Job Shadow
  • Have your resume critiqued
  • Have mock interviews
  • Make networking contacts
  • Gather relocation information
  • Learn about possible internship opportunities

The Alumni office runs the "Alumni Sharing Knowledge" program (ASK), among others, and they can help connect you to the person who can connect you to the information you need to be successful.  Start by completing the online request form and you will soon be on your way to connecting with the right alum.