Gap Year

Wanderjahr. Year Out. Vision Quest. Student Sabbatical. Walkabout. Gap Year. Career Break. Whatever you wish to call it, the tradition of youth taking time out for self-discovery and reflection is centuries old.

So, you are not sure you are ready for "the job", but you know you need a break from the books.  What are your options?  Believe it or not, they are plentiful. Some call the gap year a year off, while it can definitely be viewed as a year "on." A gap year is traditionally time a student takes between college and career/grad school to focus on a valuable and specific experience. Another trend focuses on building a gap year into the undergraduate experience, perhaps combining internship experience during a year abroad. A gap year is much more than just backpacking across Europe; it can also include interning, volunteering, studying, teaching, and other types of experiences.  Here are a few!

Long-Term Service Opportunities - There is a wide variety of service projects available: environmental, international, economic, healthcare, and education are just a few of the types of service you will find. Many offer a living stipend and housing assistance so that you may afford to pursue your passion! Whether you are looking to take a year off after graduation, want to explore a field, or would like to travel the world - a year or more of service may be exactly what you need. We encourage you to visit these resources to find more information about the organizations to see if it is a good fit for you!

Post-Graduate Internships - Is it possible to get a post-graduate internship? YES! Many organizations hire recent graduates who are looking for more experience in their field of study before pursuing graduate school or full-time employment. Employers understand the value of such experiences and organizations are beginning to offer internships specifically for post-graduate students.

Community and Civic Engagement - Did you know that SUNY Oswego is one of eight colleges that received the prestigious Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll? Consequently, we know how to connect you to the right community opportunity - local, domestic, and abroad.

Fee-Based Experiences - Outstanding experiences sometimes involve getting connected to the right people, resources, countries, cultures, etc. And sometimes that costs money. Still, these excellent programs/resources are worth considering.

Directory of Organizations - These organizations seek to help you make sense of this process - a little bit of everything.