Life After College

So, you are about to enter the great beyond - that time of your life when you will do everything else, reach for the stars, and realize your calling.  Sounds great, but where to start?  You have options, and an army of people right here on campus (and off) willing to help you in any way they can. 

The more typical options will include those listed below. If you don't fit nicely into one of these neat little containers, no problem!  Come to the Compass and we'll work with you uncover what it is you want to do - and help you get there.

The job search process:  Plain and simple.  You want a job.  We know the tools, resources, and strategies to help you find one.  And we're willing to share!

Graduate School:  Perhaps you just love learning.  Maybe you need another degree to get you where you want to go. Could be that you hope to hide out in graduate school waiting for an uptick in the economy.  Whatever the reason, we can help you find and apply to the best programs out there.

Gap Year:  So, you are not sure you are ready for "the job", but you know you need a break from the books.  What are your options?  Believe it or not, they are plentiful. And we can put you in touch with an exciting future during this time of your life.

Who Can Help?  We have experts from a variety of fields with a bajillion years of experience helping college students get from "A" to "B."  Pick the best person, or close your eyes and point to one for help - we are just that good.

Financial Success:  Success doesn't come cheap.  If you are concerned about college debt load, or just want to understand more about credit scores and basic budgeting, let us help you out.