Get to know the 2013-2014 Compass GAs!

Picture of Allison Deforrest Picture of Melanie Hoffman
Allison Deforrest  
 Melanie Hoffman
Position: Mentor Scholar Program GA Position: Career Services GA
Grad Pgm: MS, CAS in School Psychology Grad Pgm: M.S. Mental Health Counseling Program
Undergrad: BA, Psychology with a minor in Sociology from LeMoyne College Undergrad: B.A. Human Development
Involvement: I am currently involved in a few research programs within the Counseling & Psychological Services Department. Involvement: Active Minds, Counseling Services Center Intern, SAVE Committee member
Hobbies: I really enjoy reading a variety of books. I try to read at least one classic book a summer. I also enjoy listening to music. My favorite hobby is to be able to spend time by the lake and take a time out from the craziness of life! Hobbies: Handing out with friends, going to concerts, YouTube workouts, reading, yoga, learning and eating chocolate!
Facts: I have a very cute pet rabbit named Addie. Facts: I am almost always smiling and laughing. I am a huge believer in astrology.  I'm a Pisces.
Goals: My goal is to become a School Psychologist in a Southern state. I also would like to become bilingual. Goals: Ti be a LMHC working with either adolescents (especially college students) or individuals struggling with eating disorders.  I would also love to be a wife and a mom (to a dog, pig, and some kids too).

picture of Carly Karas picture of Kelly LaBarge
  Carly Karas
  Kelly LaBarge
Position: First Year Programs GA Position: Leadership Development GA
Grad Pgm: MA, Human Computer Interaction Program Grad Pgm: MS, Mental Health Counseling Program
Undergrad: BA, Graphic Design & Cognitive Science Undergrad: BA, Psychology, Expressive Arts & Public Justice minors
Involvement: The Oswegonian, Oswingers Involvement: Psi-Chi International Honor Society of Psychology, Active Minds
Hobbies: Tea, MMORPGs, Android, reading, swing dancing, computer building, phone tweaking, and design Hobbies: Reading, fitness and working with children
Facts: She is a total nerd obsessed with British TV, video games, & books.  Never hesitate for a cup of tea & talking geek with her! Facts:
Goals: Hopes to work on user interfaces, mobile technology & technoculture. Goals: Plans to become a Child-Centered Play Therapist.

Picture of Kdee Luke Picture of JoHanna Molascon
  Kdee Luke
  JoHanna Molascon
Position: Oswego Children's Project GA Position: Community Service GA
Grad Pgm: Mental Health Counseling Grad Pgm: MS, Mental Health Counseling Program, Certificate in Trauma Studies
Undergrad: Psychology, B.A. Undergrad: BA, Philosophy-Psychology
Involvement: B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Involvement: Active Minds at Oswego State
Hobbies: Being in the outdoors, reading, climbing trees, running, sports, and just being. Hobbies: Reike, ukelele, Buddhism, yoga, and meditation
Facts: I cannot stay indoors for too long needing to escape to nature if only for a moment and no matter the season. I also need to be around animals and never will go without a pet and if I must, then it's frequent visits to the pet store or shelter. Facts: I believe in the Buddhist Philosophy of life so I always try to live in the moment.
Goals: I want to change the World. I'll start one child, one parent, and one family at a time. I want my career in counseling to take me all over to where the intense needs are found. Goals: I am pursuing goals of working toward a more holistic-based counseling approach by learning more about many forms of holistic therapies. I am hoping I can integrate this future holistic approach to work with trauma survivors of all kinds.

Picture of Jordan Oathout Picture of Ryan Raflowski
  Jordan Oathout
  Ryan Raflowski
Position: Service Learning GA
Teaches two sections of GST 303
Position: Compass Resource Center GA
Grad Pgm: M.S., School Counseling/CAS Program Grad Pgm: School Psychology M.S. & C.A.S.
Undergrad: B.A., Psychology Undergrad: Psychology, B.A.
Involvement: Compass activities, hopes to join Active Minds Involvement: Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC)
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, crafts (scrapbooking, jewelry making and knitting), spending time with her fiance, family & friends. Hobbies: Acoustic guitar, practicing spontaneity, reading, traveling, people watching, and trying every flavor of ice cream at least once!
Facts: I feel everyone should do some service learning during their college career! It's beneficial to both the student & the community. Facts: I love being here at Oswego with great friends and a beautiful lake nearby!  I have dreams to travel the world and to simply be genuinely happy in life.
Goals: Hopes to work with children, earn her CAS in play therapy, & one day to get her ASL interpreters license. Goals: To earn a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology

Picture of Mark Taitt Picture of Jon Zella
Mark Taitt
Jon Zella
Position: Major Exploration.Careen Development GA Position: Civic Engagement GA
Grad Pgm: M.A. Art - Graphic Design Grad Pgm: M.A. History Program
Undergrad: B.A. Public Relations and Studio Art Undergrad: History major, Italian minor
Involvement: Resident Assistant Involvement: Civic Engagement, Student Association, Head Coach - Women's Club Hockey
Hobbies: Traveling, eating, cooking, television and video games. Hobbies: Hockey, Drums, Cycling, Traveling
Facts: I love the concept of exploration and I try to commit to exploring and learning new things, whether it's traveling to another country and learning about a different culture or trying to help others learn new things about themselves. Facts: Drummer, Coffee Drinker, Hockey Writer and Coach, Cyclist, Islander fan
Goals: To earn my masters and become a successful design and media professional and to continue traveling the world. Goals: To graduate with a 3.3+ GPA


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