Compass Full-Time Staff

Professional and Administrative Support Personnel

Alyssa Amyotte Coordinator, Service Learning/Community Service
Scott Ball Coordinator, Mentor Scholars Program
Michelle Bandla Coordinator, First Year Programs
Mallory Bower Associate Director, Career Services
Sheila Cooley Director, Co-Ops Program
Debbie Diment Office Manager, Center for Experiential Learning
Denise DiRienzo Director, Experiential Learning
Chris Doyle Employer Relations Secretary, Career Services
Kathy Evans Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Stephanie Guynn Secretary, Center for Experiential Learning
Christy Huynh Associate Director, Compass
Cindy Jackson Office Manager, Major Exploration
Corie Kohlbach Coordinator, Transfer Services
Michele May Office Manager, Career Services
Gary Morris Director, Career Services
Melanie Proper Oswego Children's Project Instructor/Coordinator
Daniel Roberts Coordinator, Orientation Programs
Jackie Wallace Coordinator, Undeclared Advisement/Major and Career Exploration