Find out what students say about Self-Assessments!

"Strengths quest has helped me gain a better understand of myself and those around me. By understand my strengths I have been able to better select the people who I work with both in the classroom and in organizations. Strengths quest gives me the ability to track where I need improvements within my skills and how my skills interact with others. I am now able to better recognize roles that are well suited for my abilities. Stengths Quest is a must for any leader." Tucker Sholtes, Business Administration & Public Relations Major  Picture of Tucker Sholtes

"By completing the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory, I was able to discover specific majors and jobs that fit my personality and values.... I started seeing similarities in results and overlapping themes in majors and careers based on my results.  They have played key roles in determining how I make decisions about how that may affect the process of choosing a major and career."  Sasha Pourpezeshk, a first-year student who took GST 110. Picture of Sasha Pourpezeshk

When we reviewed the results of the MBTI, "I truly realized that the reason I scored so high (in introversion and feeling) was they were highly accurate. It was kind of mind blowing finding out things about myself. My favorite resource was I was originally looking for a psychologist but I accidently stumbled upon High School Guidance Counselor.... I really liked it because one could really connect with the person, yes, even through a video, and see he was really passionate about his job." Michelle Espinoza, a first-year student who took GST 110.  Picture of Michelle Espinoza

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