Record of Progress

The record of progress (ROP) is an effective tool to make the most of your academic planning. When you meet with your academic advisor, the ROP serves as a reference point for your discussion. It outlines what requirements you have successfully fulfilled, and will assist you in planning the next step in your journey toward earning your degree.

The record of progress maps out:

  • General Education Requirements
  • Core major requirements (and applicable prerequisites, if any)
  • Electives (and applicable prerequisites, if any)

Frequent review of the record of progress is the best way to ensure that you have completed all the necessary requirements for graduation.

Accounting BS
Adolescence Education BS
               Adolescence Education Biology/General Science 7-12
               Adolescence Education Chemistry/General Science 7-12
               Adolescence Education Earth Sciences/General Science 7-12
               Adolescence Education English 7-12
               Adolescence Education French 7-12
               Adolescence Education German 7-12
               Adolescence Education Mathematics 7-12
               Adolescence Education Physics/General Science 7-12
               Adolesecence Education Social Studies 7-12
               Adolescence Education Spanish 7-12
African/African-American Studies minor
Agricultural Education BS
Agricultural Subjects Education BS
American Studies BS
Anthropology BA, minor
Applied Mathematics BS
Applied Mathematical Economics BS
Applied Statistics minor

BA: Art - Humanities emphasis;
BA: Studio Art;
BA: Art History;
BA: Graphic Design;
BFA: Studio Art;
BFA: Graphic Design;
Art minor 
Art History minor
Art Management minor
Museum Studies minor

Astronomy minor
Athletic Coaching minor
Audio Design and Production minor

Biocultural Anthropology minor
Biology BA; Biology BS ; Biology minor, Biological Sciences Honors Program
Biochemistry BS
Broadcasting-Mass Communication BA, Online Degree
Business Administration BS, Evening Degree, Business Administration minor
Business and Marketing Education BS

Chemistry BA; Chemistry BS; Chemistry minor; Chemistry honors program
Childhood Education 1-6 BS
                Childhood Education English 1-6
                Childhood Education French 1-6
                Childhood Education German 1-6
                Childhood Education Mathematics 1-6
                Childhood Education Science (Biology Depth Area) 1-6
                Childhood Education Science (Chemistry Depth Area) 1-6
                Childhood Education Science (Earth Science Depth Area) 1-6
                Childhood Education Science (Physics Depth Area) 1-6
                Childhood Education Social Studies 1-6
                Childhood Education Spanish 1-6
                Childhood Education -the Arts 1-6
                Childhood Education Women's Studies 1-6
Cinema and Screen Studies BA
Cognitive Science BA, Cognitive Science BS; Cognitive Science minor
Communication and Social Interaction BA, Communication and Social Interaction minor
Computer Information Systems minor
Computer Science BA, Computer Science BS, Computer Science minor
Creative Writing BA, Creative Writing minor

Economics BA, Economics Honors Program, Economics minor -Evening & Online also available
Education - see Childhood Education and Adolescence Education
English BA,  English minor
English: Creative Writing BA, Creative Writing minor
English Writing Arts - see Creative Writing , Creative Writing minor
Expressive Arts Therapy minor

Family and Consumer Sciences Subject Education BS
Finance BS
Forensic Science minor
French BA, French minor, French Culture Studies Minor

Geochemistry BS
Geology BA, Geology BS, Geology - Environmental Earth Science BS, Geology minor
German BA, German minor, German Culture Studies minor
Gerontology, minor
Global and International Studies BA, Global and International Studies minor
Graphic Design BFA

Health Careers Education BS
Health Science minor
History BA, History minor, History Honors Program
Human Development BA,  Human Development minor
Human Resource Management BS

Information Science BA, Evening Degree
International Business minor
Italian Culture Studies minor

Journalism BA, Journalism minor

Language and International Trade BA
Linguistics BA, Linguistics minor

Management Accounting BS
Management Science/Operations BS
Marketing BS
Mathematical Economics, Applied BS
Mathematics BA, minor, honors program available
Mathematics, Applied BS
Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor
Meteorology BS, honors program available
Museum Studies minor
Music BA, Music minor

Native American Studies minor

Operations Management & Information Systems BS

Peace and Conflict Studies minor
Philosophy BA, Philosophy minorPhilosophy as a second major
Philosophy-Psychology BA
Photography minor
Physics BA, Physics BS, minor, honors program available
Political Science BA, minor, honors program available
Pre-law emphasis  
Pre-med emphasis 
Psychology  BA, minor, honors and Evening Degree
Psychology/Business Administration BA/MBA combined
Psychology/Human Computer Interaction BA/MA combined
Public Accounting BS, BS/MBA combined, Evening Degree
Public Administration and Public Policy minor
Public Justice  BA, Public Justice minor 
Public Relations BA

Risk Management Insurance

Sociology BA, Sociology minor
Software Engineering BS
Spanish BA, Spanish minor
Sustainability Studies minor

Technical Education BS
Technology Education BS,  Technology minor
Technology Management BS
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) BS
Theatre BA, Theatre minor
Trade Education BS


Vocational Teacher Preparation BS

Wellness Management BS
Women's Studies BA, Women's Studies minor

Zoo Biology BS
Zoology BA, Zoology BS, minor

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