Career Assessments

There are several assessments that can assist you in choosing a career or planning your career options.

Focus2 is an online, interactive career and education planning system that combines self-assessment, career exploration and decision making into one comprehensive program. To receive a FREE Focus2 user id, visit the Resource Center in the Compass, 145 Marano Center.

Strong Interest Inventory
An interest inventory that matches your interests with career fields. This is a great tool if you are interested in learning more about specific career fields and jobs that match your interests. If you are interested in completing this inventory, visit the Compass, 145 Marano Center.

My Next Move
My Next Move matches your interests with careers. Complete an interest inventory or search careers to find out more about the skills, knowledge and technology needed to be successful in each career. Also find out about salary and job outlook.

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)®
MBTI identifies your preferences and provides information about your unique type (there are 16 distinct types).  Understanding your personality type/preferences is the foundation of major exploration and this is a great tool for helping you to understanding who you are and what majors would be a good fit for you.  The MBTI gives you information about how you orient in the world, take in information, make decisions and structure your life.   If you are interested in taking the MBTI visit the Compass, 145 Marano Center for more information. See our video (on the right) to find out more!