What Are Students Saying About the Counseling Center?

"The atmosphere is always so positive every time I walk in." - Graduate student

"Sometimes it's easier to tell my problems to somebody who doesn't know the people in my life, so that they can give me feedback that is unbiased." -Senior

"The main office is very warm and comforting, when you take your first steps in you realize its a judgment-free zone." 

"It sort of gave me that warm calm feeling that I get from drinking Chai Lattes in a coffee shop" -Graduate student

"I came in as a freshmen to talk about the fears I had about being away from home for the first time. It is so nice to know that as even as a senior, I can still come back here when I am going through stuff that stresses me out" -Senior

"It's kind of cool how my counselor never tells me what to do, but she knows that eventually by us talking out my thoughts, I will discover the right thing for me to do all on my own." -Junior

"I think many people assume that everyone who goes to the counseling center is struggling or unstable, but I went because I realized that I had a very heavy workload and my counselor helped me feel like I could take it head on. Every time I left, I felt like I had just had a pit stop to slow down and then I was able to hop back to it. " -Graduate student

"I go there a few times each semester just to check in with my counselor. It's kind of like going to the doctor for a physical, I just like to take care of my mind and emotions!" -Senior