Grief and Bereavement

What is Grief?

Grief is something that at one point or another we all experience, but there is no need to feel that we must grieve alone.   It is completely natural, and grieving manalthough we all grieve in different ways, a large part of the healing process is about being able to share experiences with others who can relate in some way to the loss you have experienced- there is something very special and healing about being part of a community.


If you have experienced a loss, we want you to know that there is support here on campus for you.   Growing Through Grief is ahealing heart support group that will be facilitated by some of the counselors Fall 2014 at the Counseling Services Center (CSC).  This group will run for 6 weeks on Wednesdays (dates and times TBA.)  This group will provide a safe and confidential place to support those who have experienced a recent or longer term loss/death.  It is an informal group, where students can come to talk or listen.  Our hope is that it will ultimately become an ongoing peer-operated group.   If you are interested in receiving more details, or are interested in potentially joining the group, please call the Counseling Services Center at (315) 312-4416 for further details.  Persons with disabilities needing accommodations to attend the group should contact the CSC in advance.