Greek Speak

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 Active  Legacy   Philanthropy
 Bid  Local  Rush
 Chapter  National  Rushee
 Initiation  New Member/Pledge  

Active: a fully initiated member of a sorority or fraternity. Return to top

Bid: a formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.
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Chapter: a chartered fraternity or sorority recognized by a parent (national) organization –OR- a local fraternity or sorority. Return to top

Initiation: a formal ceremony in which a pledge/new member becomes an active member. Return to top

Legacy: a rushee who has a grandparent, parent, or sibling who is a member of a particular sorority or fraternity.
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Local: a sorority or fraternity that is located at one campus or may have a small number of chapters in a certain region. Return to top

National: a sorority or fraternity which has chapters throughout the country. Return to top

New Member/Pledge: a student who has accepted a bid to become a member of a chapter and has not yet been initiated. Return to top

Philanthropy: the charity and/or service projects sponsored by a chapter. Return to top

Rush: a mutual selection process by which sororities and fraternities recruit new members and students get to learn more about each chapter. Return to top

Rushee: a student interested in Greek Life who is participating in rush. Return to top