Wondering What's Happening On Campus?

Check out the link below that allows you to view all the events happening on campus at any given time*! You can search by date, location or event. Click on any event to see more details, including the name of the organization, the event sponsor and any additional meeting patterns. Click on the room to see its custom attributes, including capacity, available layouts, and actual photos of the room.

UPDATE (August 15th, 2013):

The Event Management Office R-25 software upgrade scheduled for August 12th and August 13th has been completed.  Please note the following:

A.  The Event Management Office is now able to process reservation requests as the R25 software upgrade was successfully completed.  Please allow at least three business days for us to process your request, particularly at busy times such as the beginning of the semester.

B.  The URL for the R25 Webviewer (to view events by location or date) has changed as a result of the software update. The new URL is:

If you bookmark this URL, make sure you edit the bookmark by deleting the date reference. (It usually works to delete everything after the question mark.) If you don't you will always link to the day that you created the bookmark.

It has never been so easy to get involved!

SUNY Oswego Events Webviewer  (As of August 15th, 2013, the short URL ( is in the process of being updated and doesn't work at the moment. )

*If you would like to access the Webviewer from an off-campus location, please follow this link (VPN Acess) to the CTS site and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find information about VPN Client Access. This will allow you to download the appropriate software for external access to the Webviewer.

Campus Center 132 - The Auditorium - Popular spot for SAPB-sponsored movies


135 CAMPUS CENTER * 315-312-2301