Rental Skate Information

The SUNY Oswego Skate Shop has a large inventory of quality FIGURE and HOCKEY style Rental Skates which are available for use by Open Skate participants.  The fee to rent a pair of these ice skates is $2.00. 

The Skate Shop uses a barcode scanning system to track usage and maintenance for each pair of rental skates in its inventory.  This helps insure that rental skates are insepcted and sharpened at regular intervals, and customers continue to have a good experience when using these skates.  

NOTE: Because the inside of ice skate boots can cause irritation when rubbing on bare skin, it's highly recommended that participants wear socks that are "crew" length or longer. Crew Sock Example

Figure Skates

The figure-style rental skates are a soft-boot model made by Riedel®.  The Skate Shop stocks 96 pairs of these skates, which range in size from 10 YOUTH to 13 ADULT.  These skates are available in whole sizes only - there are no half-sizes.A Reidel figure-style rental skate.

Hockey Skates

The Skate Shop also stocks 105 pairs of Riedel® hockey-style rental skates.  The sizes for these skates range from 10 YOUTH to 14 ADULT.   These skates are available in whole sizes only - there are no half-sizes. A pair of Reidel hockey-style rental skates.