No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em

Join us Saturday, February 16, for our annual No Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament in the Marano Center Food Court.  There is no registration fee, each participant will receive equal number of chips at the start of the tournament, and there will be no buy backs/re-issuing chips.  Each tables will start with no more than 8 players.  When players are eliminated Campus Recreation staff will reassign players to tables to keep a level playing field.  The final table will be 9 - 12 players.

Our prizes are:
• 1st Place - Intramural Championship T-shirt & $50 Gift Card to
   College Book Store
• 2nd Place - $30 Gift Card to Sub Shop
• 3rd Place - $15 Gift Card to Mark's Pizza

Register online at:

A special thanks to Auxiliary Services for providing pizza, soft pretzels, cookies, and beverages to all participants at approximately 3 pm.