Campus Recreation Employee of the Month

Tommy Seefold

Employee of the Month
By Ross Bentley 4/30/13

Sports Official Tommy Seefold has been selected as the co-Employee of the Month at Campus Recreation.

Seefold has been working at Campus Recreation for one year as a sports official. He describes his duties as to officiate any sport from softball, dodgeball, volleyball, football etc. and to make sure that the games are running smoothly, the participants are aware of the rules and everyone is having a good time.

Sports officials are a vital part of intramural sports, as they allow the games to be structured while keeping the competition going in an organized way.

A Junior Broadcasting major, Seefold says that his job at Campus Recreation has been both rewarding and challenging for him. "It's definitely challenging to learn rules of different sports that you might not know that much about, and dealing with participants who aren't always the happiest with your calls, that's not the easiest thing for anyone...but I love it here, I have met a lot of great people and I'm really glad I got into it."

Seefold was selected as an Employee of the Month partially due to his ability to be creative. Although it may not seem it to some, Seefold does see Sports Official as a position that allows you to be creative. "You can be creative definitely in how you communicate with each other and the team you're working with or the participants. It gives you some freedom to meet people and be creative with them."

The Burnt Hills native says that creativity is important to him and that it is important to "Just be yourself and not be somebody that just follows the crowd."