Campus Recreation Employees of the Month

Employee of the Month
By Ross Bentley 4/25

Hannah McHale has been chose as co-Employee of the Month at Campus Recreation. McHale is a first year employee at Campus Rec and works as an Office Assistant/Building Manager.

McHale was chosen as an Employee of the Month in part due to her ability to be creative. "I've helped Bill (Ling, Coordinator of Campus Recreation) with some projects; we all kind of are allowed to put our own spin on it. McHale helped design signs and advertise for previous Campus Recreation events including the Carnival.

The Senior Rockaway Beach native also expresses her creativity by painting and doing crafts, which she sees as a soothing experience.

McHale's duties while at work include handling the desk and the equipment, making sure everything runs smoothly, make sure that people are being safe and following the rules, and providing top notch customer service.

McHale says that her experience at Campus Rec has been a positive one. "It's been a very positive experience. It's surprising how many people you meet with just the regulars, and the people who just stop in, it's a very social environment."

A History major with a Museum Studies minor, McHale says that she plans on moving back to the New York City area after graduation. Once there, she hopes to either intern or find a job working at a museum.