Ski and Snowboard Trip

Ski Trip

Ski Trip

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Join Campus Recreation for a snow-filled trip on Saturday, February 8th at Bristol Mountain!

• The bus will be leaving from the Marano Center circle at 1:00 pm and will
   return at 12 midnight. We ask that participants be there at 12:45 pm in order
   to check in at the Welcome Desk in the Marano Center before getting on
   the bus.

• To check in at the Welcome Desk you will need your SUNY Oswego ID and
   health insurance card or insurance information/number

• Please bring money for dinner, snacks and soft drinks. We will also try to stop
   for something to eat on the way home if the driver permits this request.

• A reminder: This is a non-alcoholic event. No students will be permitted to
  consume alcohol at anytime on the trip or at the ski resort.

If you are renting don't forget to bring:
• Winter jacket
• Snow pants
• Neck warmer
• Waterproof gloves
• Hat
• Ski goggles (if you have them)
• Wool or warm socks
• A camera if you'd like to take pictures

If you are not renting, bring all of the above plus:
• Snowboard or skis
• Snowboarding boots or ski boots/poles
• Please note the bus company does not want us to wear ski boots on the bus.

If there are any further questions feel free to contact Sandy Keenan Jeffers at (315) 312-3114.