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Ignatius Trentanelli

Player of the Week by Lauren Lasky
Ignatius Trentanelli has been chosen as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week for his efforts in the co-rec and men's competitive softball leagues. Known as Iggy by his friends, Trentanelli is a senior history major from Corning, NY.
Trentanelli has been highly involved in Campus Recreation throughout his time at Oswego, having played in more than 130 games on 26 intramural teams. This is his fifth semester playing in the intramural softball league.
Trentanelli has served as an outstanding player in both the co-rec and men's competitive softball leagues. Known for hitting a home run almost every time up at bat, he did not disappoint in the co-rec finals against WTOP and Athletes. In the third inning with a teammate on first base, he hit a home run to bring in two runs for his team, Balls Deep. Trentanelli continued his streak with another home run in the fifth inning. His team came out on top as the champions of the co-rec softball league, and he hoped to continue his success with his men's softball team that also made it to the finals round.
In the men's semifinals game against Team Phoenix, Trentanelli hit a home run with Tanner Stewart on third to bring in two runs for their team, The Guild. Later in the game, he hit a single with bases loaded that helped bring another runner to home plate. In the men's finals game, Trentanelli contributed his defensive catching skills in the outfield. However, his team was defeated by Sons of Pitches.
All in all, Trentanelli was a great asset and standout player to both teams in the softball league. He sometimes looked at himself as a mentor, due to his extensive experience playing baseball. He tried to give pieces of advice on different aspects of the game, from things like stance in the batters box, where to hit and the fundamentals of hitting.
Ignatius Trentanelli rounding third base in the men's semifinals softball game
"We have some other players on the team that are more experienced in the fielding aspect of the game," he said, "and together we give advice in all facets of the game- covering all the bases of softball...pun intended."
In addition to his hitting skills, Trentanelli also contributes positivity as one of his strengths. "Because the field is so short on the right field side, it's fairly easy to hit opposite field and hit a homerun," said Trentanelli. "Whenever we are down, hitting one usually brings the team back up and gets us back in the game."
Trentanelli would describe himself as laid back and someone who enjoys playing the game. "If we happen to win, then that just adds to the fun, and I try to project that on everyone while we play," he added.
Growing up, Trentanelli played baseball from tee ball to his senior year in high school. He is also currently on the Oswego State Paintball team.

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