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by Kelsey Blair

As the semester comes to an end so did the intramural leagues here at Campus Recreation. This past week the championships were held for both the Dodgeball and Handball Leagues.

On Wednesday the Semifinals and Championship game were held for the Co-Rec Dodgeball tournament. The Dodgefathers defeated the Blue Ballers in the Semifinals four games to two, while the Brody Bunch just edged out Balls Deep four games to three in the Semifinals to earn themselves a place in the finals. In the Championship game, the Brody Bunch were no competition for The Dodgefathers as they easily beat them four games to one. The Dodgefathers were able to bring home the Championship T-shirt.

The Men's Dodgeball League Semifinals and Championship game took place on Thursday. During the Semifinals, The Pontys were able to beat Rod Farvas Literacola four games to two. While on the other side of the bracket RIP Fouts took home the victory over the Lee Hall Legends four games to three. During the Championship game RIP Fouts were able to outplay The Pontys and take home the Championship T-Shirt four games to two.

The Co-Rec Handball Semifinals and Finals took place this past Sunday. During the Semfinals the Average Joes dominated over the Reigning Champ six goals to one. Hue Hue BR were just able to make it to the finals beating Armstong's Missing Ball. The Championship game was a blowout. Average Joes was clearly the better team on that night beating Hue Hue BR by a score of eight goals to one. The Average Joes were able to walk away with the Championship T-Shirts.

The Men's Handball Semifinals and Championship game took place this past Sunday as well. During the first game of the day it was the Lee Hall Legends versus the Dirty Flamingos. The game started out close, at the end of the first half the score was two goals to one with the Lee Hall Legends in the lead. The second half saw a lot of goal scoring. It looked like the game may turn in to a blowout with the Lee Hall Legends winning five goals to one at a point. The Dirty Flamingos kept fighting back coming within one point of them, however they were just never able to catch up as the Lee Hall Legends came out with the victory seven goals to five. In the second Semifinals game of the day it was DEM versus Anne Frank's Army Tanks. In this low scoring game, DEM was able to come out with the victory and advance to the Championship game two goals tonone. The championship game started out close, with the Lee Hall Legends scoring first. By the end of the half the score was two to two. In the second half the Lee Hall Legends took the lead again early, and DEM was just never able to recover. The Lee Hall Legends took home the Championship T-shirt by a score of eight to five.

Player of the Week

Dylan Kohlman

 by Kelsey Blair

Player of the Week

Dylan Kohlman has been chosen as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week for his efforts in the Men's Handball League. Kohlman is a Senior Marketing Major from Vestal, NY.

Kohlman is a part of the team DEM, and he has been a major part of their success throughout the handball league. He helped his team make it to the Quarterfinals, and then he scored five goals in his team's Quarterfinal game against Stop and Dangle. The final score of the game was 8-3. His team will play in the Semifinals on Sunday. He says, "I feel I have performed above and beyond all expectations for my team. Being as we all are on the Baseball team, we have some great team chemistry that works very well for us."

Before Oswego, Kohlman played Baseball, Football and Basketball in high school. Here at Oswego, Kohlman has participated in many intramurals including flag football, floor hockey, dodgeball, broomball, and indoor soccer. During his time playing Oswego intramurals he was able to win an Intramural Championship in dodgeball. Kohlman enjoys working towards winning and says, "When it comes to sports there is no better feeling than winning, and that's something I always strive for. Victory."

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