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by Kelsey Blair

Corec Broomball Champions

The Crimson Panthers after their CoRec Championship win

Photo by Gabriela Santos

This past week in Intramurals the Broomball Tournament concluded with two championship games. Both the Men's and CoRec Champions were decided this past Sunday during two great games.

The Men's Broomball Tournament came to a close this week with Snipe Chirp Cele and Stop n Dump facing off in the finals. Snip Chirp Cele was able take home the victory with just one win, while Stop n Dump needed two wins. The game started out slow, with neither team getting many scoring opportunities. The game was scoreless heading into the second period. To start off the second period Captain Chad Smith got a quick early goal for Snip Chirp Cele, scoringthe game'sfirst goal. This got Snipe Chirp Cele offto a strong startfor the period. From here on out the game became extremely competitive, however neither team was able to connect with the back of the net for the rest of the period. Starting in the third period, the number of shotson goalpicked up on both sides. Play continued to be intense throughout the third period, but near the end of period Junior Dylan Holden sealed the deal for Snipe Chirp Cele with a goal of his own. Captain Chad Smith said, "It felt good to win especially with the change and style of the game to full Ice this semester. It was very competitive with the size change and made the game more fun." Snipe Chirp Cele took home the Championship T-Shirt and the Men'sBroomball Tournament title with a 2-0 victory.

In the second game of the night the Crimson Panthers and the Iceholes faced off for the CoRec Championship.The Crimson Panthers were looking to defend their title from last year, while the Iceholes were looking to knock them from the top. The game remained extremely close the entire time, and was hard fought from both teams. The game remained scoreless throughthe second period. Both teams had many opportunities to score throughout the first two periods but neither team wasable to finish with a goal.In the end itwas again Junior Dylan Holden who led his team to victory, scoring two goals for his team the Crimson Panthers during the third period. This gave the Crimson Panthers a 2-0 victory. It was Sophomore Brenna Kenney's first intramural experience and championship. "My friends Dylan, Brianna and Ashley really got me wanting to do it. I thought it was just going to be a fun thing to do, I wasn't expecting to go all the way to the championships and we did! It was so exciting! The other teams put up a good fight and were really fun to play against because it was a challenge." With that, the Crimson Panthers took home the CoRec Championship title for the second year in a row.

Intramural Indoor Soccer Intramural Indoor Soccer

Photo by Gabriela Santos

J-Money Crew faced off against SAE in a high intensity game. The game remained close the entire time, as soon as one team would pull ahead the other team would score. In the final 5 minutes J-Money Crew led 4-3. That is when Harry Dadson came back and scored a goal for SAE from half court to tie the game. It looked like SAE could make a comeback, however moments later J-Money Crew came back and scored again. Giving them a 5-4 lead, which would end up being the final score of the game.

In Men's Recreational Soccer, there were two clear cut victories with We Don't Messi 'round dominated ZBT beating them 7-1, and the Real Coholics beating RAMROD 9-1. Moisture beat Amateur FC in a close game, winning 4-3, and the Tyrant Saucy Slimjims outplayed The Elite Technique 9-1. In Co-Rec Recreational Soccer this week, The Fat and the Furious beat J2 and The Copper Crew 11-6. Nick Blakeslee scored 5 of his team, The Fat and the Furious' 11 goals. The Expert Ball Touchers justbeat out the Russian Furballs winning 7-6, with Alex Lucarelli scoring 5 of The Expert Ball Touchers' goals. Townies Bite tied the Brody Bunch 5-5, and Pelvic Sorcery 2 beat The Soccer Team 5-2. Keating's Krew lost twice this week, first The Art of Foot Fairybeat Keating's Krew 5-3, and then later in the week J2 and The Copper Crew beat Keating's Krew 5-3. In Men's Competitive Soccer Generic Team Name topped David's Fantastic Balls 10-5. Arek Janiga, Matt McDorman, and Hartley Ruch all scored hat tricks for Generic Team Name. The Dead Presidents beat Secret Fire in a blowout 11-1 game.

Intramural Volleyball
Intramural Volleyball
Photo by Gabriela Santos

In Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball this week Practice Safe Sets beat Gab Likes to Get Bumped three sets to none. The Repeates topped Beavis & Bump-Head three sets to none, and Team Ferranti beat Kiss My Ace(Pink) three sets to none as well. Balls Deep was able to beat #freecaleb two sets to one, while Practice Safe Sets beat Block Magic two sets to one as well. CoRec 2015 Champions werealso able to beat Block Magic, winning two sets to one. Beavis & Bump-Head fell to Rack City three sets to none. The Repeates won again later in the week, beating Kiss My Ace(Pink) three sets to none. CoRec 2015 Champions also won again later in the week beating Team Pre-Workout three sets to none. In Men's Volleyball this week Guys Being Dudes and Big Johnson Alum played in a nail-biter. During the first set, Guys Being Dudes just beat out Big Johnson Alum winning the set by a score of 25-23. The second set was just as close as the lead kept switching between teams. In the end, Guys Being Dudes was just able to pull out the win, winning again by a score of 25-23. Big Johnson Alum came back winning the final set by a score of 25-21, but it was already all over by then. Guys Being Dudes came out with the victory over Big Johnson Alum, winning the game two sets to one. Guys Being Dudes also won later in the week , beating ZBT three sets to none. Big Johnson Alum were able to win later in the week, beating We Always Get It Up three sets to none. Braydens Rehab Counselors also beat We Always Get It Up , winning three sets to none.

In Co-Rec Recreational Setting Ducks(Yellow) and SameSameButDifferent(Green) faced off in a close game. After losing the first set, Setting Ducks(Yellow) came back to win the second two sets giving them a two sets to one victory over SameSameButDfiferent(Green). SameSameButDifferent(Green) lost again later in the week losing to Sets on the Beach two sets one. The SWAT Team just outplayed Kiss My Ace too, winning two sets to one.

Player of the Week

Alex Lucarelli

 by Kelsey Blair

Alex Lucarelli has been chosen as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week for his efforts in the Co-Rec Recreational Soccer League. Lucarelli is a Senior Graphic Design Major from Rochester, NY.

Lucarelli led his team, The Expert Ball Touchers, to victory this past week, scoring five of the team's seven goals in 7-6 victory over the Russian Furballs. He has been a strong player and contributor to his team throughout all the games so far during the regular season. He says his main contribution to his team is his dedication,"I never miss a game and will always play with the utmost passion."

He has been an active participant in Campus Recreation Intramurals throughout his time at Oswego. Lucarelli has played on eleven teams throughout the semesters. Last semester he played in the Men's Outdoor Competitive Soccer League where his team ended up winning and taking home Intramural Champion T-Shirt, which he calls "The golden shirt, a beautiful piece of memorabilia."

Sports are not new to Lucarelli who played soccer in high school. He is a well-rounded and kind person. He has highly enjoyed his time playing sports through Campus Recreation saying, "I love taking part in the intramural games on campus and would recommend all to participate as well."

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