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by Kelsey Blair

It was another exciting week in intramurals as the indoor soccer league got started on Sunday.

An intense game played out in the Men's Recreational league between SAE and Zeecon and the Pinpoints. In the last minutes of the game Zeecon and the Pinpoints pulled within one point of SAE, who was ahead the entire game. It looked like Zeecon and the Pinpoints might be on the verge of a comeback, however SAE was quick to answer two goals of their own. Despite the final score of 6-3 with SAE coming out on top, the competition was tough and each team had a player receive a hat trick for the game, those being Casey Hogan from SAE and Kevin Shaw from Zeecon and the Pinpoints.

The other Men's Recreational game ended as nail-biter, with Versace just edging out the Amateur FC by a score of 6-5.

The Men's Competitive game was an easy victory for We Always Finish,  defeating Secret Fire by a score of 10-5.

During CoRec Recreational there were two close games. Keating's Krew out-scored The Fat and the Furious by a score of 4-3, while The Brody Bunch beat out Balls Deep by a score of 4-3.

Soccer Players The indoor soccer league started off with competition in Men's Recreation between Amateur FC and Versace
Photo by Gabriela Santos

In Broomball this past week, Broom Goes the Dynamite edged out the Iceholes in overtime with a score of 1-0. In another close game, Your M & M beat the Sons of Pitches in the final minutes of the game winning by a score of 1-0. The Fresh Prince of Briere topped the Ice Cats with a score of 4-0, all four goals being scored by Quentin Mariano. Meanwhile, The Crimson Panthers ousted the Ballghazi in another landslide victory, winning by a score of 4-0, with Dylan Holden scoring all four of the team's goals.

The Boheim's Boogers dominated this past week in Men's Basketball, winning both of their games. They beat out the Premature Shooters on Wednesday by a score of 58-44, and took an early lead over Size Don't Matter and never gave it up, winning on Thursday by a score of 48-34.  Andrew Malaney and Matthew Placito came through big for The Boheim's Boogers, both of them consistently scoring throughout the game to keep their team on top.

In the rest of Men's Basketball this week, there were two blowouts, The Jellyfish dominated Ball is Life by a score of 71-35, and The Dirty Flamingos topped the Ball Handlers 67-32. In a slightly closer game, Pippin Ain't Easy beat out the Purple Cobras 57-43.  Below The Rim was able to cruise to a win over SpalshBros by a score of 56-37. Harlem Grounds beat Oswego State Soccer 73-37. Lee Hall Legends beat Let's Get Tropical 81-46.While in their earlier game in the week Let's Get Tropical just beat out Hold the Mayo by a score of 50-44.

Meanwhile in Co-Rec, The C Boys ousted The Ballers by a score of 75-51 on Wednesday. While, in a series of close games on Thursday, The RSS won over The A Team by a score of 44-3.

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Player of the Week

Quentin Mariano

 by Kelsey Blair

Player of the WeekQuentin Mariano has been chosen as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week for his efforts in the co-rec broomball tournament. Mariano is a senior theatre-technical/design major from Nanuet, NY.

In the first week of competition, Mariano led his team, the Fresh Prince of Briere to a victory over the Ice Cats, scoring all of the teams four goals.

Mariano is described as funny, energetic and determined by his peers. He has been involved in sports his entire life, playing Ice Hockey and Lacrosse throughout high school.

Mariano would describe himself as driven, and says "I like to have fun when we play these intramural sports because it's all about having fun with your friends, in my opinion. I know a lot of people are out to win, and that's it, but for me it's more of just having fun with your friends."

In addition to playing broomball, Mariano has been a part of floor hockey intramurals. He is also involved in Oswego's paintball club, Oswego Rush.

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