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Travis Clark

Player of the WeekBy Lauren Lasky

Travis Clark has been chosen as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week for his efforts in Project Play this year. Clark is a senior resident advisor in Cayuga Hall and a four-time participant of Project Play.

As a leader of Cayuga Hall, Clark used his energetic personality to pump up his team.
"I brought a megaphone with me to Project Play and would yell whenever we passed another Residence Hall to intimidate them," said Clark.

Losing the dodgeball game took a toll on Cayuga, but with Clark and his megaphone, he was able to motivate his team to win the kickball and basketball games afterwards.

"As captain, it's my job to get the hall pumped up and ready to go," he added. "Cayuga has a hall chant, [in which] where someone yells 'CAY-WHAT?' and everyone responds with 'CAYUGA!' It sounds really simple, but when everyone yells, it's pretty great."

Clark proved to be a true leader when he took a step back from playing in the events, only participating in the last game. "I wanted to give everyone a chance who wanted to play in the other games," he said. "Basketball was the last event, and it doesn't usually get as many players as the other games."

Although Cayuga Hall did not win, Clark gave his best regards. "Congratulations to Seneca for killin' it and representing West Campus," he said.

Growing up in the small town of Edmeston, Clark played five years of football and switched to soccer his senior year of high school.

Clark described himself as someone who prefers to stay busy. "I guess I'd say I like to stay involved with as much as possible," he said. Besides serving as a resident adviser in Cayuga Hall, Clark is an editor at the Oswegonian.

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