Past Players of the Week

Tayler Sorell


 Player of the WeekThe Goonies' Tayler Sorell earned Campus Recreation Player of the Week after scoring goals in two of their Co-Rec Recreational games last week.

Sorell, a freshman adolescent education major from Hannibal, knew she wanted to come to Oswego State since she was younger and running around the soccer field at the age of four.  Sorell grew up watching fellow Hannibal residents playing basketball in Laker, helping secure her decision.

A star on her intramural soccer team, Sorell also plays for the Lakers Women's Basketball team.  She contributes her success at sports to the love of the game, helping her to excel in many.

When she is not playing for points, she is chasing the boys, on the field of course, during backyard football.  A favorite pastime of hers, it allows her to be "one of the guys," a remark she took quite well, admitting to being a tomboy in high school.

Sorell looks up to the U.S. Women's Soccer team and Reggie Miller, an ex-basketball player for the Indiana Pacers, for guidance and motivation.