Past Players of the Week

Stephanie Cornell

Player of the Week

Senior Zoology Major Stephanie Cornell has been selected as this week's Campus Recreation Player of the Week. Cornell scored four goals in Craach Sweepers 5-0 victory over Can't Think of a Name on Sunday, February 10th.

Cornell has been playing Broomball for three years at SUNY Oswego, and also participates in Indoor Soccer. Although Soccer was her original specialty, having played on the Varsity Oswego Women's team her freshman year, Cornell has grown fond of Broomball. "I have really grown to love Broomball," said Cornell. "If you had asked me what my favorite was when I started I probably would have said Soccer, but I've been playing Broomball since sophomore year and I just love it."

Over the course of her time playing Broomball, Cornell has seen her skills improve each and every semester. "I don't fall as much anymore, I can stay on my feet. I've definitely gotten better with stick handling, and ball handling. I noticed last game that I can actually move with it and turn around and shoot, so I've gotten better with that."

Cornell had a monster game accounting for four of her team's five goals, but she credits her teammates for putting her in position to succeed. "The passing from my teammates was spot on. I was just in the middle and I wasn't really marked, so it was a little bit of luck, but at the same time I had excellent passes to score on."

Along with playing Intramural sports at SUNY Oswego, Cornell also is the president of the Biology Club, is a Peer Advisor, and works at The Laker.

Although she has a busy schedule, Cornell credits intramurals with keeping her active in school. "It's definitely been a positive experience, just being able to get active. Playing intramurals allowed me to get back in it and stay involved and that's what I really liked about it."

After advancing past the first round, Cornell's team Craach Swappers, is one step closer to taking home the Broomball championship in Co-Rec division. ""I feel like we're going to do pretty well. Even with talking to my teammates, they seem to think we have a strong team, and they've played together before, so I think we are going to do well."

Cornell and the rest of Craach Swappers will continue their run at a Broomball Championship on Tuesday, February 19th at 9:30 p.m. when they take on DaBaumHaters.