Past Players of the Week

Paul Harnish and Matthew Stone

Player of the WeekIf you've been around the intramural scene for a while, you're bound to have seen the Rolltiders moving from field, to court, to ice.  A "dynasty" for three years, the Rolltiders stick together from one intramural sport to another. Head of this dynasty Paul Harnish plays captain to the team, recruiting his friends back each semester.

A junior business administration major, Paul knows what it takes to get to the top.  His team is a clear example of this. According to Paul, The Rolltiders do pretty well.  This is clear from his broomball game win against the Metards 3-0 on November 6. Paul brought his team to victory scoring all three goals, the most goals scored by an individual player that night.

Paul has been active in athletics as a young child, and now turns to sports as a way to occupy his time here at Oswego State. Keeping him enthusiastic in the world of intramurals is his friend and main goalie Collin Weba, whom Paul is heavily influenced by. Although a modest player, Paul's enthusiasm and talent with sports have earned him this week's player of the week.

 Player of the WeekWith an overall score of 5-1, team Daddie$ rocked the co-recreational bracket in intramural basketball.  This, of course, could not have been achieved without player of the week Matthew Stone.

Matthew, a sophomore majoring in journalism, scored more than 25 points in a game against the Metards, which lead to their 65-58 point win.  Playing well both offensively and defensively, Matthew is a player worth having on a team.

Starting sports when he was in elementary school, athletics have been a major part of Matthew's life, prompting him to partake in a wide range of intramurals.  He participates in volleyball, dodgeball, broomball and basketball, and explains that he uses intramurals to take a break from schoolwork and have fun with friends.  Matthew also chooses not to focus on one team. Instead, he plays with many different people, a sign that he is a team player.

Though Daddie$ played well, they lost in the semi-finals 55-49 against the Dribblers.  As a competitive player who was influenced to succeed in athletics by his dad, Matthew would have liked to win but was glad his team played well throughout the season.