Past Players of the Week

Nicholas Roney

Player of the Week

The Campus Recreation Player of the Week this week is Nicholas Roney of Middleburgh, New York.

Roney was selected as the Player of the Week due to his outstanding performance for Pass the Nutmeg in the Men's Recreational Indoor Soccer league this past week.

Roney netted seven goals in a 14-1 rout for Pass the Nutmeg against Banis and Friends Survey on February 14th.

In the team's follow-up 9-1 victory over Goaldiggers, Roney showed his versatility by playing defense and stopping two open net goals.

A second semester Accounting major, Roney says his experience with soccer in his youth has helped him dominate the intramural scene.

"I've played soccer all my life, since I was four. I used to play indoor soccer four times a week, and over the summer as well," said Roney.

Along with indoor and outdoor soccer, Roney also plays intramural basketball at Oswego, but says his favorite to play is still indoor soccer in the spring.

Roney plays with the same core group of players in both soccer and basketball, which has allowed them to grow as a team. "We made it to the semifinals in the outdoor league, so if the playoffs merge in indoor, we could go all the way," said Roney.

Roney says that playing intramural sports at Oswego has been a positive experience in his two and a half years as a student. "It has helped me meet people. It's something to stay active and it's something fun and competitive to do at school."

Along with playing intramurals, Roney also enjoys hanging out with his friends and going out on the town.

Pass the Nutmeg's 3-0 record has put them on top of the Men's Recreational league, in large part due to Roney's outstanding play.