Past Players of the Week

Matt Baluyot and Tina Wheeler

Player of the Week
Matt Baluyot is not a stranger on this campus.  Co-hosting Lifestyles' Open Mic, multiple intramural teams, and now honored as a Campus Recreation Player of the Week, Matt is a familiar face.

Matt has earned player of the week for his performance on the Expos, who recently won the softball men's division's championship game.  The team defeated No Glove No Love 25-19 for the championship title.  Multiple homeruns and an error-free week secured Matt this nomination and also contributed to the team's success.

A senior human development major from Syosset, N.Y., Matt embraces sports as a hobby to enjoy with his friends, rather than anything too serious.  He believed that his team, made up of a tight knit group of friends, played at a good level making for a good season.  Beyond softball, Matt is a member of broomball team Toonsquad and was previously a member of the soccer team Sugar Magnolia.

Matt first embraced sports when he was younger after landing in the hospital, when he was introduced to the New York Mets during an overnight stay at a children's hospital.  From then on, he was a dedicated Mets fan, which contributed to his enjoyment of athletics.

A quote from Bruce Lee says, "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." Matt believes this is the way to succeed.  After helping his team win the championship, he obviously knows what he is talking about.

Player of the WeekCampus Recreation Player of the Week Tina Wheeler helped lead @Mufasabros to victory in their championship game, winning the title against the Rolltiders 9-4.

Her dedication and loyalty to the team helped to secure their win, not to mention her in depth knowledge of the game.  Playing slow pitch over the summer, Tina had the experience needed to help bring her team to victory.  Working at Campus Recreation has not hurt either.  Her understanding of the intramural rules helped in challenging plays throughout the championship game.

Though not an original member of the team, Tina has proved she is a worthy component.  The team worked well and was a positive group, which made the game fun, Tina said.  Fun is definitely something this player needed in her life, after working two jobs and being a full-time student. 

Although busy, Tina is all for playing softball, starting out as a young tike and continuing all the way until her senior year in college.  Her influence to keep playing comes from a former coach she had in her days before high school.  After teaching her everything she knows, she plays in his memory.

Dedicated to the team, the sport and intramurals as a whole, Tina is certainly player of the week material.