Past Players of the Week

Kristin Smith

Player of the Week
By Ross Bentley 4/23/13

Sophomore Kristin Smith has been selected as the SUNY Oswego Campus Recreation player of the week.

Smith was selected to receive this honor due to her outstanding performance in the co-rec competitive volleyball league earlier this semester.

Smith helped lead her team, Practice Safe Sets to a 15-0 regular season, and followed that up with a 12-1 playoff record to lead her team to the championship.

The education major says that her experience was instrumental in them being successful this season "I played ever since I could walk basically. I've played high school, I've played in club just to have that basic knowledge and I'm pretty athletic also that helps."

Smith had previous experience on the SUNY Oswego club team was shared by some of her teammates, giving them a plethora of players who had played volleyball at a high level. "We had a lot of previous high school and club players, not to mention having to guys who are 6'4'' playing on a girls height net," said Smith. Four of our players had high school and club experience definitely having that experience really helped."

Practice Safe Sets near flawless season hand many memorable moments, but for Smith she says that her favorite was when she was able to pull off an unlikely feat. "My favorite moment was probably when I got the block just because of all the time I've been playing that's probably me 10th total block. Plus it was blocking a guy on a girls height net."

In addition to playing indoor, Smith also played beach volleyball and her and her teammates are looking to expand into other intramural spots.

The Webster native has said that playing intramural sports has been a positive experience for her college career. "I've met a lot of great people. My teammates I didn't really know any of them but now we talk all the time. It's been great getting to know more people, expanding outside of just my major and my building, and it's a great way to stay athletic without going outside and going to the gym, you can just unwind and have fun."

In addition to playing intramurals, Smith also enjoys hanging out with friends, playing other sports, working on a racecar right now and just being outdoors.