Past Players of the Week

Chris Garand

 Player of the WeekChris Garand is no amateur when it comes to intramurals.  In his third year of participating, Chris has been a part of an array of different intramurals from softball, flag football and basketball to floor hockey and broomball.

Helping lead his team to victory during two different occasions, Chris showed superb playing skills fully qualifying him for player of the week.  His long-time team Vicious and Delicious are in their third year together, consisting mostly of the same players.  With a record of 3-1, this team knows how to play and play well together.

Chris has earned MVP by scoring two goals against the Metards, winning 5-1 and again by scoring a goal against Snipe Chirp Cele, helping to win the game 2-1.  The enjoyment he gets from playing sports keeps him active and participating.  His ability to score goals probably doesn't hurt either.