Past Players of the Week

Chad Smith

Player of the WeekBy Ross Bentley

The SUNY Oswego intramural Player of the Week is Chad Smith. Smith was instrumental in his team Snipe Chirp Cele's seasons in both the men's and the co-rec broomball tournaments this semester.

Thanks in part to Smith, Snipe Chirp Cele was able to win the co-rec tournament and make it to the semifinals in the men's division.

Last week, Smith scored both of his team's goals in Snipe Chirp Cele's semifinal loss to Derp Dynasty in the men's bracket, and then followed it up by scoring four goals in his team's championship win over Back That Pass Up in the co-rec division.

When asked how his teams were able to be successful this season, Smith said it was all about having the right people. "You need to have your team play well together and play hard. Just don't give up at any time," said Smith.

Smith, a senior Bio-Chemistry major from Fulton, New York has been playing intramural sports for three years. "It's awesome. It's a good way to get your energy out after a rough day. If you've got frustrations built up, you can let it out by hitting the ball around and working hard."

Smith plays broomball, floor hockey, and dodgeball at SUNY Oswego and has said that he loves all the options of different intramural sports he can play.

Smith, who played hockey growing up, lists floor hockey as his favorite intramural sport, but says his experience has helped in both floor hockey and broomball. "It's easier to stand up on the ice now. In floor hockey, it definitely helped.  Knowing stick skills, and things, it isn't the same exact thing as hockey, but it still definitely helps."

For Snipe Chirp Cele this semester, Smith says the key was playing selflessly and working with each other that allowed them to win the championship on the co-rec side. "Working hard and working together. Last semester we had selfish play tendencies which hurt us when it came to winning games."

Smith says because he is a Bio-Chemistry major, he hardly has time do much else outside of the classroom other than intramurals. "I don't really get to do much else other than writing labs and doing research."