Past Players of the Week

Ashlee Upchurch

Player of the Week
By Ross Bentley

SUNY Oswego's Ashlee Upchurch has been selected as the Campus Recreation Player of the Week.

Upchurch was a stand out in the co-rec competitive volleyball league playing for Trash City Dawg Pound this season.

Upchurch led her team to an 8-7 regular season record using excellent communication and solid play all around in sets, serves, and volleys.

The senior says that the key to her successful play this season was the ability to work well with her teammates. Upchurch also noted that she has a strong relationship with her teammates outside of intramurals, which allows them to play well as a unit on the court.

Upchurch also uses her expertise and experience in the game of volleyball to get ahead. As a former state champion volleyball player from her hometown of Canandaigua, New York, Upchurch used that experience, as well as her experience as a former college volleyball player at St. Rose to outplay her competition.

In a recent interview with Campus Recreation, Upchurch said that the ability to play with strong fundamentals and a knowledge of the game that she learned in high school and college, allows her to play her best in intramurals.

The senior Education major says that intramurals has been a positive experience that she has enjoyed since coming to Oswego. For Upchurch, intramural volleyball allowed her the opportunity to play a game that she enjoys without the pressure of playing it for an organized team. Instead, Upchurch noted it was "something I could do just for me."

When she isn't busy with intramural sports and school work, Upchurch spends a large portion of her time volunteering, including working with autistic children.