Past Players of the Week

Andrew Lazzaro and Stephanie Schumak

Player of the Week
You may recognize this broomball star from the baseball field. Andrew Lazzaro is an avid sports player, enjoying intramurals on the side while dominating the diamond for the stats.

A valuable player to team FigureItOut, Andrew scored two goals in last week's game against team Locked Out.  Winning the game 3-2, FigureItOut is 5-0 in regular season.  The team, made up mostly of other baseball team members, is affectionately names after a phrase their coach can often be heard saying. They work well together, which is clear from their current standing.

A senior wellness-management major, Andrew grew up playing sports.  His current dream of being a physical education major fits right in his with sports dominated lifestyle.  Being influenced by his dad since a young age, Andrew continues to thrive in the athletic world.  Earning player of the week is just one of the perks of being an intramural star.  Keeping busy and having fun with his teammates also comes into play.

Look out for Andrew on the ice and later on the court, as he will without a doubt dominate in floor hockey as well.

Quoting Bruce Lee, "There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them," Matt believes this is the way to succeed.  After helping his team win the championship, he obviously knows what he is talking about.

Player of the WeekLucky Moose sure is lucky to have Stephanie Schumaker on their team.  Stephanie has earned player of the week for her dedication and outstanding play on the ice.

Stephanie, a senior business administration major, is participating in broomball for the second year.  A veteran and dedicated player, Stephanie participates in every game despite her busy schedule.  Though their record is 3-2, Lucky Moose plays to the best of their ability, with Stephanie at the forefront.

Scoring two goals against Blue Ball Broomers and another one goal against 5Guys&Girlsw/ Nice Thighs, Stephanie has dedicate her time and ability to Lucky Moose, earning her player of the week.

Beyond intramurals, Stephanie is the assistant sustainability intern for the Campus Center, president of Go Green, a mentor scholar and a member of the Americorps.  With all she has going on, we are glad she takes the time to come out and have fun on the ice.