Residence Life and Housing Department

Pro-Staff Resources


RSS Staff Manual (pdf 10m) 2012-13 DRAFT!

RHD Manual

SUNY Oswego Resident Student Handbook 2013-2014 (pdf 1.2m)

The Village Resident Handbook (pdf 490k)

Miscellaneous FORMS

Funding Request Form (pdf 127k)

SLAS (Student Learning and Success):

    * Community Connector Award Nomination (MSword 74k)
    * Community Enrichment Program Planner (docx 16k)
    * Group Programming Agreement (MSword 16k)
    * Monthly Program Summary
    * Program Planner (MSword 37k)
    * Program Assessment Form (MSword 94k)
    * Excellence in Programming Nomination (MSword 165k)
    * Resident Interest Survey (MSword 20k)
    * SAMPLE Program Planner (docx 41k)
    * Self-Reflection Floor Needs Survey (MSword 25k)
    * SLAS Funding Request Form (docx 167k)
    * SLAS Guidebook 2013 (pdf 3.1m)
    * Year for a Student (xlsx 15k)
    * Random Holidays to Celebrate (MSword 52k)

Digital Signage:

    * Policy Form (pdf 222k)
    * Content & Format Requirements (pdf 70k)
    * SUNY OSWEGO: Graphic Identity Guide
    * Submission Form (MSword 57k)
    * Power Point: Digital signage template - black background (ppt 268k)
    * Power Point: Digital signage template - white background (ppt 268k)
    * Microsoft Word: Digital signage template - white background (ppt 131k)

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