Staff Biographies

Your Johnson Hall Staff

Johnson Hall houses only first year students. It features the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) which is a program to help young students become acclimated to their new lives on campus. For this reason, we offer 4 resident mentors per floor (16 total), Residence Hall Director, Assistant Hall Director, Faculty Master and an FYRE Coordinator as valuable resources to these new students.

Hello from the Johnson Hall Staff…

1st Floor EAST :: Rooms 101-118

Christopher Esposito, male Resident Mentor

Christopher Esposito

Miranda Moore, female Resident Mentor

Miranda Moore

1st Floor NORTH :: Rooms 119-135

Leah Jackson, female Resident Mentor

Leah Jackson

Vincent Fredericks, male Resident Mentor

Vincent Fredericks

2nd Floor EAST :: Rooms 201-218

Luis Escoboza, male Resident Mentor

Luis Escoboza

Mikki Pelkey, female Resident Mentor

Mikki Pelkey

2nd Floor NORTH :: Rooms 219-235

Tracey Hagan, female Resident Mentor

Tracey Hagan

Ray Davis, male Resident Mentor

Ray Davis

3rd Floor EAST :: Rooms 301-318

Sean Breslin, male Resident Mentor

Sean Breslin

Marisa Farmer, female Resident Mentor

Marisa Farmer

3rd Floor NORTH :: Rooms 319-333

Tiffany Carr, female Resident Mentor

Tiffany Carr

William Berntson, male Resident Mentor

William Berntson

4th Floor EAST :: Rooms 401-418

Megan DeBolt, female Resident Mentor

Megan DeBolt

Kyle Anthoney Martindale, male Resident Mentor

Kyle Martindale

4th Floor NORTH :: Rooms 419-433

Timothy Jones, male Resident Mentor

Timothy Jones

Kelsey Thomas, female Resident Mentor

Kelsey Thomas

Senior Staff

Kelly Giese, Residence Hall Director

Kelly Giese

Andy Houk, male Assistant Hall Director

Andy Houck

Senior Staff

Linda LeFevre, female FYRE Coordinator/GST-100 Instructor

Linda LeFevre

Dr. Jay Button, male Faculty Master

Dr. Jay Button

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