Johnson Hall Staff Biography 2013-14

Dr. Jay Button, Faculty Master

Dr. Jay Button

Jay Button is the Faculty Master in Johnson Hall.  He is responsible for supporting and encouraging residents as they transition into college life at SUNY Oswego.  He is particularly interested in fostering resident's academic excellence, active involvement in the college community and personal growth and development.  He will talk with anyone about any topic.  Residents are welcome to come into his office anytime the door is open to talk, listen, get a piece of candy but never to gossip. 

Jay enjoys downhill skiing, walking/hiking, backpacking, his family and his participation in the life of Johnson Hall.  Jay has been an elementary school classroom teacher, a reading teacher (K-12), a Director of Reading (K-12), Director of a college Reading Clinic, Coordinator of 2 national reading conferences, Coordinator of college reading and study courses and Chairperson of a college Reading Education Department.  Jay has worked in excavating construction most of his life and has a 25 year pin with the International Union of Operating Engineers.  He has been on the board of directors and of two construction companies (E. J. Button and Sons and Button-Chittenango, Corp.) where he also served as secretary for both companies.

Jay has a "few years on him", as the expression goes, having been an educator for over 50 years, the past 43 at SUNY Oswego.  He keeps "young" by working out regularly in the college fitness centers with the help of excellent personal trainers, walking, hiking, backpacking, and skiing; but mostly by interacting 10-40 hours a week with the wonderful residents and staff of Johnson Hall.

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