Johnson Hall Staff Biography 2013-14

Aubrey Mulvey, 2nd Floor Resident Mentor


Aubrey Mulvey is a junior at SUNY Oswego and an RM on the second floor. She is a Broadcasting Mass Communications major with a minor in Business Administration. Aubrey is from Red Hook, a small town in the Hudson Valley. It is Aubrey’s second year as an RM and she is looking forward to meeting and getting to know all her residents! She enjoys many different types of music and movies, and also likes to read and travel. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, likes to play Apples to Apples, and loves listening to Icelandic music. After graduation she would like to travel abroad and eventually work at a major television news station in New York City. Aubrey really enjoyed her first year experience in Johnson Hall and looks forward to welcoming new residents this year as an RM!

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