Johnson Hall Staff Biography 2013-14

Jacqueline Phaneug, 1st Floor Resident Mentor

Jacqueline Phaneuf

Jacqueline is a junior at SUNY Oswego and an RM on the first floor. She is a Global & International Studies and Political Science double major with a minor in Anthropology. She hopes to have a job that allows her to travel throughout the world and help people while doing so. She loves to sing, it’s her favorite hobby and is her creative therapeutic outlet. She is passionate about sustainability, gender and LGBT equality, and the ethical treatment of animals. She loves SMASH, tea, traveling, and dark chocolate. She is the President of the Go Green Team, Director of Health, Safety and Sustainability in SA, and a Compass Navigator Intern. It is her first year as a Johnson Hall RM and can’t wait to get to know her residents this year!

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