Summer Resident Assistant (RA)

Job Description

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May 18 – August 17, 2014
Summer Resident Assistant (Summer RA) positions are available through the Department of Residence Life & Housing. Summer RAs are student staff members who live in and lead our summer residential community. The position is multi-faceted and inevitably exerts considerable influence on the lives of our summer students.


Listed below are the major goals for the Summer RAs and all Residence Life staff:

1. To provide an atmosphere within the residence halls, which fosters the development of a community based on consideration, respect and appreciation of all individuals

2. To assist students in their personal development and self-awareness

3. To foster an appreciation for the care of and respect for maintenance of the physical facilities to meet the health, safety and comfort needs of residents

4. To promote and develop an environment that is conducive to academic achievement and success

5. To develop student leadership skills


Summer RAs plan activities to promote the personal development of residents. Summer RAs must fulfill the stated programming expectations and interact with residents in a manner that reflects an understanding of student development theory and the philosophy of Residence Life and Housing. Summer RAs utilize campus and community resources for programs. In addition, Summer RAs are also expected to facilitate community builders for their residents to enhance relationships.

Summer RAs utilize communication and listening skills and have an appreciation for diversity among residents while understanding the value of individual differences between people. The staff must know how and when to make referrals, respond appropriately to emergency and crisis situations, and possess basic knowledge of human behavior. As helpers, Summer RAs must have knowledge of specific student issues and concerns (i.e., suicide, substance abuse, sexuality, conflict resolution, etc.).

Summer RAs transmit information regarding Residence Life, the residence halls, campus activities, campus services, and academic services to residents. In addition to information sharing, Summer RAs also understand and can communicate college policies and procedures to their peers.

Summer RAs must submit information and paperwork in a timely and accurate manner. Summer RAs must perform administrative tasks related to the operation of the residence hall. These tasks include, but are not limited to: completing room inspection and inventory forms; surveying residents; completing incident reports; opening and closing the buildings; submitting maintenance iserve requests; and other administrative responsibilities as outlined by the Summer Hall Director and Conference Hall Directors. In addition, Summer RAs must meet on-call responsibilities and fulfill meeting obligations. Summer RAs will also be involved with preparation for and support of the summer conference program, including: key distribution; building and room preparation; troubleshooting questions and inquiries from guests; as well as providing customer services at the front desk for conference groups. Some conference groups will require 24 hour front desk coverage as well. This assignment may require temporary relocations for night coverage in conference hall. There will be hourly pay for the time spent on these assignments and a stipend of $15 Laker Dining Dollars for each overnight.

Summer RAs are members of the College staff, who must follow all rules and regulations of the college and those of the Department of Residence Life and Housing. Summer RAs establish an environment on the floor that is conducive to academic and personal growth.

Summer RAs must promote a philosophy of self-responsibility, address self-defeating behaviors, and confront behaviors that are inconsiderate and detrimental to members of the community. Staff must communicate the rationale and philosophy of rules governing the residence halls. In addition, Summer RAs must maintain relationships with students while consistently addressing inappropriate behavior(s) and referring individuals with recurring instances of policy violations to the Summer Hall Director.


Summer RAs are required to:

1. Perform duties in support of summer conferences in all areas of campus, which may require Summer RAs to stay overnight in buildings other than Cayuga Hall.

2. Perform on-call responsibilities as outlined by the Summer Hall Director or Conference Hall Director(s) and notify the Summer Hall Director of plans to be away from campus prior to departure.

3. Support conference groups living in residence halls. This will include preparing the hall for guests: creating and maintaining bulletin boards; submitting iserve requests as needed: linen checks: and other tasks assigned by the Conference Hall Director(s).

4. Participate fully in summer training program prior to the start of summer operations.

5.  Attend weekly staff meetings and meet individually with Summer Hall Director upon request.

6. Conduct floor meetings. This will occur for each new group that occupies the Summer RA’s floor/hall.

7. Complete community building and/or programming requirements as outlined.

8. Perform duties for Dining Services as outlined in "RSS Relationship to Dining Services." Summer RAs are subject to the review of Dining Services personnel in the performance of their Dining Center duties.


Summer RAs are responsible for duties assigned by the Assistant Vice President for Residence Life and Housing or his designees. The Summer Hall Director is the primary direct supervisor of the Summer RAs. The Conference Hall Directors will supervise the Summer RAs in the performance of their summer conference responsibilities. The Summer RA’s Job Description is the basis for the Summer RAs performance review and evaluation. Any violation of the terms of this contract, federal, state, or local law, College policies (including Rules Governing Residential Communities), and/or failure to fulfill required job responsibilities (including individual hall expectations), in an unsatisfactory manner may result in termination of the Summer RA appointment.

V. PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT & other pertinent information

Summer RA appointments are for the entire summer: May 18-August 17, 2014. During the term of appointment, a Summer RA cannot participate in full-time internship.

If the Summer RA is hired as an RSS member for the fall 2014 semester, the Summer Hall Director and the Conference Hall Directors will assess scheduling needs to ensure new RSS are able to attend pre-fall 2014 RSS training sessions. This same guideline applies for athletes and other campus leaders.


Summer RAs must: be registered as full-time students at SUNY Oswego for the 2014-2015 Fall semester; have lived on a college campus for a minimum of one semester; and must have attained sophomore status by the time of appointment.

To be eligible for appointment, the cumulative G.P.A. must be a 2.40 or above and the previous semester’s grade point average must be a minimum of 2.00.However, Summer RAs who, at the end of spring 2014 semester do not meet the requirement, must have at least a semester G.P.A. of 2.00 or greater AND a cumulative G.P.A. between 2.20 - 2.39 or a semester G.P.A. between 1.71 - 1.99 AND a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.40 or greater will be placed on "Staff Academic Probation." All Summer RAs placed on "Staff Academic Probation" must participate in the fall 2014 Residence Life and Housing H.E.L.P. (Helping Employees Learning Performance) Program. If the Summer RA does not wish to participate, or does not complete the H.E.L.P. Program, the Summer RA will not be permitted to continue in the summer position.


Compensation is a single room waiver, $35 per week in Laker Dining Dollars plus 5 meals per week in the dining hall and $8.00 per hour for scheduled conference work outside of Cayuga Hall. When required to stay overnight in a temporary location, Summer RAs will receive an additional $15 in Laker Dining Dollars. The Department of Residence Life and Housing provides installation and monthly service fees for Summer RA room telephones, voice mail, and Resnet. Consequently, as a condition of employment, Summer RAs are expected to have a working room telephone with active College voice mail.


While the position may require Summer RAs to stay overnight in other halls (based on summer conference needs), the Summer RA’s primary residence will be Cayuga Hall. (Residence Life and Housing reserves the right to re-assign or relocate Summer RAs based on department needs.)


Staff Expectations: Summer RAs are essential to the success of our summer residence life program. Inappropriate staff behavior undermines the efforts of all staff to provide a quality and positive residence life experience.

Role modeling is a significant component of the Summer RA position. Summer RAs are expected to comply with College policies, federal, state and local laws while on or off campus. This includes, but is not limited to, alcohol and other drugs. Also, student staff is expected to uphold and enforce College policies on campus by confronting those who are violating these policies. It is very difficult for student staff to enforce rules that they, themselves do not observe. Staff who violate rules lose credibility and respect of the residents and compromise other staff members. Essentially, staff who engage in these behaviors cannot effectively fulfill their job responsibilities. It is difficult to keep a person in the position who has violated College policy.

Staff members who are of legal drinking age and under the influence of alcohol must be aware of the impact their behavior has on residents. Student staff members who are underage and decide to drink alcohol or violate other College policies, federal, state and local laws jeopardize their staff positions. When an incident is brought to our attention, Residence Life and Housing will investigate the circumstances and may review the staff member’s employment status. Our department assumes that staff is aware that their actions, especially violations related to alcohol or drugs, will likely result in their termination from their position.

Involvement:Summer RAs are expected to devote a considerable amount of time and energy to this position. It is expected that, with the exception of academic pursuits, Summer RAs will place their Summer RA duties ahead of other personal and professional commitments. Class enrollment is not required but should be discussed with the supervisor to ensure the position duties can still be attained. All Summer RAs will be assigned approximately 15 hours a week to summer conference groups at a rate of $8.00 per hour. Depending on conference needs, additional paid hours may be available throughout the summer.

Disciplinary Probation:Summer RAs will not be hired or begin employment if they are on disciplinary probation or have disciplinary charges pending against them within the Student Conduct system.

MD 3/7/14