Student Staff Positions

Our student staff are the heart and soul of the department!

All of these student positions have the potential of being very rewarding experiences for those who serve in them. They are typically very demanding positions; however, most who have held them will tell you that they gained a lot from the experience.

Please check local advertisement (digital signage, The Oswegonian campus newspaper, On-Campus Employment Fair) for times when Graduate Assistantship positions are going to be filled. Please visit the Human Resources web page for availability and to apply for a Graduate Assistantship position.

Other student staff positions in the Residence Halls are:

Student Operations Services Staff (SOS Staff: residence hall employees):

These positions are competitive among resident students. Many students love the opportunity to work right in their hall. It’s convenient, but it’s also a good way to get to know others in the building and participate in building decisions and programs. Click here for an SOS hiring timeline.

Fitness Centers positions include:

VOLUNTEER positions include:


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