Graduate Resident Mentor (GRM)

Apply for a Graduate Resident Mentor (Graduate Assistantship) position. You will find a listing only if there is a vacancy for this position.

Graduate Resident Mentor job description



The Hart Global Living and Learning Center is an environment where students and faculty work together to develop learning opportunities around a theme of global interaction focusing on cultural, socio-political, and informational aspects.  Global interdependence and its meaning for American culture, business and politics form the core of a living environment based on the premise that residents are motivated to learn, to exercise initiative, to take advantage of learning opportunities, and to build a living community where diversity, individual worth and community collaboration, and social responsibility are the cornerstones.

To facilitate this living-learning environment, the staff position of Graduate Resident Mentor (GRM) is central to the success of the program. 



A.      Student Learning and Personal Growth

1.      Facilitate the development of community among residents in the hall and on assigned floor, encourage and support motivation for learning, mutual respect and appreciation of others. The GRM must interact regularly with residents in a manner reflective of an understanding of student development theory.

2.      Act as teaching assistant for International Studies (IST) 190/390, Global Issues and Awareness, grading papers for designated students and assisting residents in improving their writing skills.  Report to the Faculty Director for specific additional assignments.

3.      Assist in the coordination of aspects of the community service component of IST 190/390.  Report to the Residence Hall Director for specific assignments.

4.      Implement activities for student learning and personal growth that utilize a global approach to residential programs and/or incorporate the learning outcomes of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management and the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

5.      Facilitate the development of an environment for residents conducive to learning, student involvement in academic programs, and community participation.

6.      Convene at least one floor meeting per week for the first four weeks of the semester in order to facilitate the development and maintenance of the Community Living Agreement (CLA) for assigned floor.  Complete a written CLA by the fourth week of the semester to be turned in to the Residence Hall Director.  Have regularly scheduled meetings in order to revise and discuss the CLA with residents and/or present the floor's CLA to new floor members.

7.      Plan and implement community builders - activities designed to enhance relationships among residents according to programming expectations specified by the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

8.      Assist in the planning and implementation of the Annual Global Awareness Conference. Duties include, but are not limited to: creating exhibits, recruiting student volunteers, set up and take down, and attendance at the event.


B.      Mentor

1.      Encourage the development of students' leadership skills and encourage students to participate in community governance and community programs.=

2.      Model an appreciation for diversity among residents while understanding individual differences between people.

3.      Make referrals to the Counseling Services Center as needed.

4.      Possess a basic knowledge of student behavior and issues related to a student population (i.e. suicide, substance abuse, sexuality, and conflict resolution)

5.      Respond appropriately to emergencies and crisis situations.


C.      Resource Person

1.      Communicate to residents information pertaining to residential life, campus activities, campus services and academics.

2.      Understand and communicate college policies and procedures to residents.

3.      Maintain an academic bulletin board for IST 190/390 approved activities, report to the Faculty Director for approval.


D.      Administrator

1.      Complete administrative tasks related to the operation of the residence hall. These tasks include but are not limited to: completing room condition reports, surveying residents, completing incident reports, completing maintenance service requests, attending weekly meetings with the Residence Hall Director, and other tasks as outlined by the Residence Hall Director or the Residence Life and Housing Office.

2.      Assist in developing and implementing management procedures that preserve and enhance the physical plant.

3.      Assist the Residence Hall Director in opening and closing the hall at the beginning and end of the academic year and during periods of recess.

4.      Participate in departmental training, in-service training and staff development programs for academic and student development elements of the program.  Complete components of CPS 301 "Current Issues in Student Personnel" as directed by the Residence Hall Director.

5.      Perform regular on-call responsibilities. These tasks may include but are not limited to: completing regular rounds of the building, addressing student concerns, and monitoring IST events.

6.      Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings.

7.      Each GRM will be assigned an auxiliary position based on need and interest. Specific positions are subject to change and may include, but are not limited to: facilities, community service coordinator, programming assistant, hall council advisor, computer lab supervisor and IST coordinator.


E.      Role Model/Student

1.      The GRM is a member of the College staff and must abide by the regulations of the College and those of the Department of Residence Life and Housing.

2.      Establish an environment conducive to academic and personal growth.

3.      Support Hall Council activities and attend weekly meetings as directed.


F.       Disciplinarian

1.      Promote a philosophy of self and community responsibility and address self-defeating behaviors.

2.      Confront behaviors that are inappropriate for a living-learning environment and refer violations of College policy and floor Community Living Agreements to the Residence Hall Director.  Assist the Residence Hall Director in judicial matters by investigating incidents, meeting with students, and reporting to the Residence Hall Director.



The Graduate Resident Mentor is responsible for duties assigned by the Director of Residence Life and Housing or his designee.  The Graduate Resident Mentor job description and the GRM manual are the basis for the Graduate Resident Mentor performance review and evaluation.  Failure to fulfill required job expectations in a satisfactory manner or a violation of College policy or Rules Governing Residence Halls will be grounds for the termination of a Graduate Resident Mentor assistantship.



1.       Full time matriculation into a graduate program at SUNY Oswego by the start of employment.

2.       During each semester of employment, the GRM must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in at least 6 graduate credit hours but no more than 9 graduate credit hours.



1.     The term of appointment is one academic year, specific dates to be announced each year.  Employment begins with pre-semester training and continues through final closing.  There is no obligation during periods of academic recess; however, there is the expectation of availability for duties related to opening and closing of buildings for all recess periods.  This assistantship is for a maximum of two years, contingent upon acceptable performance in the position.

2.     This is a live-in position.  Occupancy of the apartment is for the term of appointment.  Check-in and check-out of apartment should be arranged with the Residence Life and Housing Office.

3.     This is a half-time position. Given the unique nature of the live-in position and the demands of residence life work, the expectation is an average of 20 hours per week.  It is expected that the GRM will be regularly available to residents and department staff and to respond to crisis situations and emergencies, providing assistance as necessary.   It is also expected that the GRM will participate fully in pre-service professional and graduate staff and RA/RM training in August, mid-year training in January, and any in-service training component during the year.

4.     Internships or practicum experiences that require substantial time commitment out of the residence hall are subject to department approval.

5.     Must abide by the rules and regulations of the University and model mutual respect and inclusion for all residents.



Compensation includes: Tuition waiver for 6 credits and $1000 stipend each semester, as well as a fully furnished apartment, all utilities (including local phone, cable tv, internet), free on-campus parking, and full meal plan while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Stipend amount is pending budgetary allowance and subject to appropriate personal income taxation as determined by the IRS code.

The Graduate Resident Mentor position is a Graduate Assistantship, and therefore GRMs are permitted to work or have commitments outside of the assistantship for a maximum of 10 hours per week, pending departmental approval


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