Sheldon Hall

JUNIOR and SENIOR Student Living in Historic Sheldon Hall


Sheldon Hall is a three-story historic building with two distinct wings, east and west. The west wing is the permanent home for several College offices (including Admissions and College Development). The east wing was renovated for upscale residential use several years ago. The first floor houses the International Education Office and also includes our guest facility. The 2nd and 3rd floors of Sheldon Hall are dedicated to student housing.

Approximately 70 selected upperclass students will be housed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Sheldon Hall. All rooms include a private bathroom; the furnishings are the same as those installed in most other residence halls over the last several years. In addition to “typical rooms” with entrances from a hallway that will house 2 or 3 students of the same gender, there are three “suites” available in the building. These are made up of a common “living area” and two bedrooms with private baths.

Due to the unique nature of this community, a selection process will be used to choose among students expressing an interest to live there. Details about the selection process are outlined below.

The 911 address for the Sheldon Community is 72 Sheldon Avenue. For more information about addressing mail to Sheldon Hall residents, click here.


Interested students are asked to provide information that will demonstrate their record of: academic achievement; participation in the college community; and demonstrated respect for the rights of others.


Applications can be submitted via email (preferred), fax or US Mail using the following formats:

MS Word document

Sheldon Interest Application (MSword36k) for RETURNING students

Sheldon Transfer Application (MSword44k) for TRANSFER students

Adobe Acrobat document

Sheldon Interest Application (pdf 16k) for RETURNING students

Sheldon Transfer Application (pdf 15k) for TRANSFER students

The application includes space to provide names and ID numbers of any roommate preferences. Please note that roommate preferences will only be honored if all affected students: 1. submit a completed application; 2. preference each other; and 3. are selected to live in the Sheldon Community (and meet the minimum requirements).


FAX: (315) 312-6329

US Mail: 303 Culkin Hall, Oswego, NY 13126