IST 190/390 Course Information

This course is a one credit-hour requirement for all students living in the Hart Global Living and Learning Center.  IST 190 is for freshmen and sophomores and IST 390 for juniors and seniors.  If you live in Hart Hall you will automatically be registered for these courses.  There is no textbook required.

  • Syllabus for IST 190/390 - description, requirements, grading
  • Approved events for IST 190/390 are listedin the onlineHart Events Calendar. Each program is identified as "IST Nonwest" or "IST West" for those students participating in the general education credit IST program. Flyers and posters for approved events will also be posted in various locations throughout Hart Hall.
  • Approved community service projects and events are listed in the online Community Services calendar. For questions or concerns about community service, contact the Hart Hall Residence Hall Director.
  • The Community Service Log is available for download.