Hart Hall Events Calendar

Hart Global Living and Learning Center offers a wealth of opportunities for learning outside the classroom.  Students are able to choose from hundreds of events each semester which are provided by faculty and staff from Hart Hall and various other college departments, student organizations, community groups, and fellow students.  Residents choose the programs they wish to attend based on personal interest and availability.

Hart residents should check the online events calendar for a listing of lectures, meetings, demonstrations, presentations and in-hall programs. Event listings that appear in bold-faced type and include the preface "IST:" are approved events for the IST 190/390 course required of all Hart residents.   Residents can attend discussions (if available) or write papers on these events in fulfillment of the IST 190/390 course requirements.  Only events on this calendar are "IST-approved" for students to attend for credit. If you know of an event that may fit the IST requirements and would like it to be IST approved, email hart-ist@oswego.edu at least two weeks before the event date.