Hart Hall Global Living & Learning Center


Hart Hall Global Living & Learning Center is a unique residential community found at SUNY Oswego for students focusing on academic excellence and social responsibility within a global context. Hart Hall offers a unique learning experience. It is our Global Living and Learning Center and is home to the majority of international students who choose to come to Oswego. As a Hart resident, you have the opportunity to live and learn side by side with people from all over the world! 

ALL students are eligible to live in Hart GLLC. Students must fill out a Hart Hall Agreement, which can be located on the "Forms" page of the ResLife website.

Once a student signs the Hart Hall Community Living Agreement, they agree to take the one-credit IST 190/390 each semester. This course requires attendance at six events per semester. The student then writes a one-page, double-spaced, reaction paper or participates in a discussion about each event they attend. There are hundreds of these events both within Hart Hall and throughout the campus each semester. These programs cover global issues about a variety of topics, including cultures, customs, beliefs, history, politics, and movements from around the world. The programs are also given in a variety of formats including presentation, demonstration, documentary, film, and discussion.   There is an online events calendar, and students can go online and choose the six events that they find interesting and attend them on their own time, depending on both interest and schedule.

Students also complete 10 hours of approved community service per semester. You can find more detailed information online on the IST 190/390 course,  and read the syllabus and course information.