Residence Hall Room Selection: Submitting Preferences

Housing Selection Timeline 2014 - 2015

Details for Submitting Housing Preferences

Specifically, submitting and confirming roommate requests. This will be STEP 2 of The Village and Residence Hall Room Selection processes.

(Also Known As "Mate Matching")

Only students who have COMPLETED Step 1 can be requested as room/suite/townhousemates.

Mate (Roommate/Suitemate/Townhousemate) requests must be mutual! Please note that all room/suite/townhousemate requests must be mutual in order to be valid.  Specifically, if your requested mate(s) does not request you as his/her mate, you will not be able to choose a room/suite/townhouse together.  After requesting room/suite/townhousemates, return to myHousing as needed to make sure that any requested room-,suite- or townhouse-mates MATCH.

Village Room Selection: To "squat" a Village townhouse or participate in The Village Majority Lottery, groups must be matched.  For example, a group of 6 Village Room Selection participants must each request each other in order to choose a 6-person townhouse together.  When signing up for a townhouse, each individual member of your group must be assigned to a specific bedroom.

Village Mate Matching for 2014 - 2015: Village Room Selection participants will be able to request and confirm "mates" as follows:

  • February 4 - 19, 2014:  Only current Village residents (who completed Step 1 of Village Housing Selection) can request and be requested as "mates."
  • February 20 - 23, 2014:  All Village Room Selection participants can request and be requested as "mates."

Onondaga Suite Selection.  To squat a suite in Onondaga, students must be in a matched group of 6; AND one member of that matched group must currently live in the suite to be squatted. To sign up for a suite in Onondaga during Onondaga In-Hall Lottery or Onondaga Change-Hall Lottery, students must be in matched groups of 6 or matched pairs of 2. Enter all members of your group as roommates.  If you are able to sign up for a suite during Step 3, you will designate who will live in each bedroom when you choose your suite. See Onondaga Suite Selection for more information.