Orientation for Family and Guests


There are many benifits for attending orientation.
Parents and extended family members play a vital role in a student's transition into the Oswego community.  The college years are ones of tremendous growth and change for your student.  For families, these years are a challenging time of adjustment in your relationship with your student.  While your son or daughter will become increasingly independent, he or she will require your support and guidance for success.

Because this time can be rewarding and challenging for the entire family, we offer an Orientation program for parents and family members which runs parallel to the student program.  Our parent/family programs are designed with your needs in mind.  Although student and parent/family programs are held on the same dates and at the same times, they are distinct programs each having their own special emphasis on assisting with the transition process.

Whether this is your first or last student to go off to college, whether you live in a small town or a large city, the family/guest program will provide you with valuable information.  This information will help you become familiar with our campus community, resources, programs. and services so you can better support your student's transition to college life.

Our parent/family program is also a lot of fun!  We offer outdoor picnics and receptions, plus a staff that is eager to greet you!  Come, let us welcome you into our family.  We have SO much to tell you!