Parent and Family Orientation

Parent and Family Programs

Parents, siblings and extended family members play a vital role in a student's transition into the Oswego community. The college years are ones of tremendous growth and change for your student. For families, these years can be a challenging time of adjustment in your relationship with your student.  While your son or daughter will become increasingly independent, he or she will require your support and guidance for success.

We take great pride in our collective approach to build and strengthen relationships with parents and families. You will find staff and faculty ready to help you navigate the SUNY Oswego community. You will also find a number of ways to get involved. From the Summer Parent/Family Orientation Program to Friends and Family Weekend, from the Parents Newsletter to Laker Family and Friends, you have many opportunities to connect to the campus community and receive valuable information.

We also ask for your help with a critical part of the new student transition process. There are times we may need to connect with you to provide updates about the college and to share information. Most of the time, our contact is in a positive way, simply sharing information and/or encouraging your involvement. However, there are rare occasions that we may need to contact for some sort of “emergency” purpose. In either case, the only way we can get to you quickly and accurately is if you would provide us with your contact information. Please visit our web form,, where you can easily provide us your contact information. While it is not mandatory for you to provide us with this information, we do strongly encourage it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will help you in any we can.

Orientation Team