Listing of Math Courses Students May Place in as a Result of the Math Placement Exam

You can look up your major at the following link to see what math courses are required.  Catalog Major and Minor Lists

Majors requiring MAT 120, MAT 208, or MAT 210 may be placed in any of the following courses depending on the score received on their math placement exam.

MAX 100  Basic Mathematics *
MAX 101 Intermediate Algebra *
MAT 104 College Algebra  *

* Does not count for major credit but may be needed to prepare students for the required courses below.

MAT 120 Precalculus - STEM majors
MAT 210 Calculus I - STEM majors
MAT 208 Mathematical Applications for Business and Management - Business majors
MAT 179 Measuring Life
MAT 158 Introduction to Statistics A