Alcohol and Other Drug Education

We might as well face it, alcohol and drugs are a part of the social landscape at SUNY Oswego. For some people it's a welcome part of college life. For others it is really overwhelming and scary to see some of the things that people do on this campus involving alcohol and other drugs. Drugs are illegal. Drinking under 21 is illegal too. People do it anyway. Getting wasted and acting like a jerk isn't cool. People do it anyway. We're not interested in lectures because we never cared for them ourselves. We do offer a whole lot of information and education about this stuff to help you live the life you want without having it ruined by overdoing it.

This is what we have:


All of our incoming students are required to have a basic amount of education on drugs, alcohol, and sexual violence. Even though it's probably not at the top of your list of fun things to do there is a lot of great information here. This is a great resource if you have questions about health or if you need information for a school project.

E Checkup

This is hands down the best web-based information and feedback system we've ever come across for alcohol and marijuana. That's why it's a required sanction for anyone who finds themselves in trouble for incidents involving alcohol or marijuana. Click the link for instructions on how to complete E Checkup.

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)