Campus Resources

Faculty, staff on climate awareness panel

Students, faculty and staff are actively involved in working to be a greener campus. The administration has dedicated itself to working toward implementing sustainability into every facet of life at Oswego.

The college is working on adding a sustainability minor to the curriculum at SUNY Oswego. Several students are already working their way toward this minor, and anyone can take the minor regardless of which college youíre in.

Some of the classes you can take on the environment (search for availability in the course catalog of MyOswego)

  • Topics in Global Environmental Politics -- Lisa Glidden
  • Environmental Science and Chemistry -- Kestas Bendinskas, Venera Jouraeva, Jeff Schneider
  • Environmental Economics -- Glenn Graham
  • Environmental and Population (Biology) -- John W. Laundre
  • Great Lakes Environmental Issues -- Richard C. Back and Eric Hellquist
  • Environmental Sustainability (Geology) -- David Valentino

Climate Action Plan
Download SUNY Oswego's Climate Action Plan (PDF)
The plan lists the sustainability vision of SUNY Oswego, to develop and execute the vision that SUNY Oswego will be a more innovative institution, achieve its goal of carbon neutrality and fulfill its mission of education, research and service in a sustainable world.

It includes a Carbon Reduction Strategy that seeks to move us toward operational carbon neutrality (being carbon neutral with campus operations and not necessarily fully neutral because of commuter habits, student lifestyles, etc.).

It lists strategies the campus is going to implement to move toward this neutrality goal:
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce fossil fuel use through expansion of geo-thermal heat pumps for building heating and cooling
  • Community engagement and integrated community planning to better manage transportation, housing, local and regional supply chains, and appropriately scaled infrastructure
  • Development of alternative sources such as lake sourced geothermal, wind power, passive and active solar applications, and combined heat and power
  • Residual carbon management through local and regional carbon credits

The campus put together this action plan in 2009, and will work over the next few decades to achieve all of the goals listed in the plan.

For the more information on what SUNY Oswego is doing to go green, and to implement new policies and operations, check out the college's sustainability page.

During your time at SUNY Oswego, feel free to get involved in helping Oswego get closer to their carbon neutral goal. Here are some ideas to consider:
  • Bikeshare -- get community bikes that can be rented for a small fee
  • Carpool networks online
  • Encourage more people to bus into campus
  • More eco-friendly food
  • Continue to bring in more local foods to the campus catering, dining halls and cafes
  • Implement composting on campus, or at least get compostable bags (available at
  • Update all buildings with more motion sensors
  • Initiate better recycling education in first-year programs
  • Work toward 100 percent renewable (mostly wind power) all over campus