Get Involved

From various student groups to administration activities, our campus offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in the effort to go green.

Here are a few ways (not an all-inclusive list) you can help:

Students for Global Change -- S4GC is a student umbrella group that works to promote sustainability and overall global justice through its work on campus. S4GC started out as the Model UN club, but it has since transformed into an organization that works on the latest environmental information. Programs range from the Community Well project that encourages community activism around sustainability, to Mother Earth Week that organizes panels and workshops over the course of a week in April, to the Earth Fair sustainable, fair-trade festival in fall, to various campus clean-up projects. To get involved with S4GC, attend involvement fairs, visit the Point in the Campus Center, or e-mail

Go-Green Team -- This a fairly new organization on campus focuses on educating students about how to go green. Initially, the GGT staffed the Go-Green Kiosk in the Campus Center near the auditorium, educating members of the campus community on the latest environmental information. The group since has branched out to get involved with the community, in cooperation with Enactus and Campus Life, to promote greener business practices. The biggest project the GGT does is the Carrot Mob, a national movement that encourages businesses to go green with an incentive of a huge increase of business on a particular day for the business that introduces the greenest ideas. Visit the Campus Life and talk to the sustainability intern there to get involved, or visit the Enactus website and contact one of the officers to find out more.

Civic Engagement and the Office of Business and Community Relations -- The Civic Engagement program and the Office of Business and Community Relations help students and student groups connect to sustainability and engagement opportunities. The focus for both departments is facilitating student engagement and connection to events like the Sustainability Fair, Science Cafes, and panels, documentary screenings and campus/community events. To learn more, visit Civic Engagement's website. You can also join the listservs for green activities -- for the student list and for the community list.