Living Laker Green 101

Students For Global Change member

The Living Laker Green 101 Guide is designed to help you learn more about living green at SUNY Oswego. We hope these articles, resource guides, fun facts, and more help make your experience at SUNY Oswego a more "carbon neutral" one.

President Deborah F. Stanley and the campus community pledged to go carbon neutral by 2050 along with countless other colleges that have signed onto the President's Climate Commitment agreement, starting in 2007. Carbon neutral is when you put back as much carbon dioxide as you create. This means that for every ton of carbon dioxide you use (such as through electricity, commuting, buying items, transporting food, etc.), you put back the equal amount, in this case a ton, through green initiatives (planting trees, switching to renewable energy, buying closer food).

SUNY Oswego's approach to going carbon neutral holistically addresses the scientific, social and political aspects of sustainability. President Stanley wrote in the 2009 Climate Action Plan: "We envision a future where intentional learners with clear understanding of the interdependencies of social, economic and environmental challenges invent a better world and are prepared to address the root causes of societal issues."

See what you can do to help make SUNY Oswego a greener campus! Also see what the college community is doing at the official sustainability page.